GT Times

2nd Nine Weeks Newsletter, Anda Juban, G/T Coordinator

Tis the Season....

I love this time of year! Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy the hustling and bustling the season brings. While all the holiday celebrations and activities can become hectic, I am thankful every day to be apart of it all. Of course, there's never enough time in the day to get it all in, but the GT students sure have been busy trying! Check out what they have been up to.....

1st Grade

While most of my experience has been with older elementary and junior high level students, I have learned to never, never underestimate the ability of 1st graders. Whether it's number sense, computers skills, alien projects, logic puzzles, multi-step problem solving or creative story writing, they can do it! Not only that, I can count on them to generate new and creative ways of doing...ANYTHING! My 1st graders also enjoyed participating in their first STEM projects this semester.

Sneek A Peek STEM top challengers: Allora, Kyle, Trevor, Zoe, and Barrett

Marshmellow Tower STEM top challengers: Van, Austin, and Trevor

2nd Grade

Our 2nd graders have been busy with many creative and critical thinking activities, as well as some long term projects. After comparing the text of two "pig" stories, they created a structure for the unknown 4th little piggie. Obviously it had to withstand the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf (aka, blow-dryer). I can tell we have some future aeronautic engineers!

Impressive Alien Biographies: Brennen, Austin, Ethan, Payton, Caden, Zoey, and Zachary

Sneek A Peek top challengers: Zachary, Anna-Claire, Maci, Brennen, Blake, Cooper, and Elle

3rd Grade

Third graders enjoyed Halloween density experiments along with some creative writing, number sense, and logic activities. Their favorite (and most difficult) was our STEM card tower challenge. Sounds easy? It's NOT!

Sneek A Peek STEM top challengers: Reid, Hudson, Jackson, Olivia, Morgan, Whitney, Blake, Kaylan, and Michelle

Card Tower STEM top challengers: Kate, Janna, Jackson, Morgan, and Connor

4th Grade

My 4th graders are always willing and excited to come to class......that might help you understand why I love my job so much:) We have been busy with STEM challenges, numeric perplexers, One Hour Mysteries, dice number sense, experimenting with density, and writing monologues.

Straw Tower STEM top challengers: Alex, Elias, Cash, Kameron, and Evelyn

Card Tower STEM top challengers: Emma and Dani Mae....23.5 inches

5th Grade

While 4th and 5th graders participate in similar assignments, the 5th grade students usually have an added challenge in the STEM projects, perplexers, analogies (required research), One Hour Mysteries, mighty monologues, Set Cube game, and much more!

Straw Tower STEM top challengers: Aubrey, Hunter, Zachary, Cole

Candy Tower STEM top challengers: Riley and Cole....26 inches

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

Earlier this month I was able to attend the TAGT conference in San Antonio, TX. After attending countless sessions on how to better identify and serve our Hallsville students and teachers, I was reassured our district is moving in the right direction with the needs of students being our driving focus!

Did you know...the four most needed skills for survival in the work place are COLLABORATION, COMMUNICATION, CRITICAL THINKING, AND CREATIVE THINKING? Although I only get to see my students once a week, we work hard to integrate these skills throughout our GT lessons, especially our STEM activities. The students are so engaged, they don't even realize the value in each task. I look forward to the challenge of helping develop these future leaders.

UIL Participants.......

If your child is involved in a UIL event, this website is an excellent source for practicing APPs. Not apart of UIL? Go ahead and explore the different categories and seriously consider one or more events for next year!