National Day UAE

Celebrated December 2nd each year (Recently celebrated 43rd)

UAE 43rd National Day Fireworks at Corniche Abu Dhabi-2014

Mohammed Ali from Dubai

This is Mohammed, a 17 year old boy from Dubai in the UAE. He's 6 ft 8 and likes to play squash. He's a sturdy 258 pounds. He's very friendly and doesn't like to eat much. He enjoys watching American football when he gets the chance. He really likes the Raiders for some reason.

His House

He lives in a very big house because his mother and father work for a big oil company. They live in Dubai, one of the nicest cities in the world.

National Day

The United Arab Emerites independence day, or National Day, is celebrated December 2nd each year. Recently, they celebrated their 43rd year of independence. They gained independence from the British on that day in 1971.

Traditions of National Day

There are shows put on that show the history of the UAE and give a glimpse at important aspects of the country's past. There is also a lot of singing. The National Anthem of the country is sung loudly for praise of their country. Also, there are plane shows where the planes have colors come out from the back of them and make patterns in the air. Also, they have a huge, amazing fireworks show.
Dubai Happy 42nd National Day amazing air show in Al ain

Length of Celebration

In most cities of the UAE, the celebrations go on for just 2 days, the 1st and 2nd of December. But in Dubai it starts on November 30 and ends December 5.

American Independence Day and UAE National Day

Both of these holidays are similar. They both celebrate the days each country gained its independence. They are celebrated for about equal lengths. They have similar celebrations(fireworks, singing, eating, parties).