Las noticias 2/8/2016

What's going on in Spanish class?

Students are learning:

  • house vocabulary and say where items are located in the house.
  • to say where they live.
  • chore vocabulary.
  • to say who does each chore and what they think about it.
  • to use ser and estar which both mean to be
Spanish Prepositions Song

5.1 test retakes

Scores below 70% can retake the quiz on:

Tuesday (2/9) before school outside the counseling office

Wednesday (2/10) before school, lunch, after school

Thursday (2/11) before school & lunch

Friday (2/12) before school, lunch, after school

Important dates for Spanish class

2/8/16: Unit 5.2 act 14 & 15 due

2/9/16: 3rd row of stamps due

2/9/16: House mini-project due

2/10/16: Unit 5.2 act 20 & 21 due

2/12/16: Unit 5.2 act 16 & 17 due

2/17/16: House and chore vocab quiz

2/16/16: 6-weeks 25 minute write (green notes only)

2/17/16: 4th row of stamps due

2/22/16: Unit 5.2 test

**Homework schedule is approximate due to changes in scheduling. For the most accurate and up to date schedule visit my website**

Important dates for Wiley

2/9/16: 8th grade choice sheets for high school are due

2/12/16: School dance

2/15/16: LISD transfer window opens

2/19/16: End of grading period

2/22/16: deadline for completing the parent survey.

3/1/16: Welcome to middle school night (if you have other children entering Wiley next year)

3/14/16-3/18/16: Spring break

3/29/16: Math STAAR

3/30/16: Reading STAAR

5/11/16: Science STAAR

5/12/16: Social Studies STAAR

5/21/16: St. Baldricks Community Fundraiser


This is a website that has electronic flashcards and memorization games. Once on students can type in sraruizwiley in the search and that will bring up all our material. All they have to do is look through the list for items titled current unit or click the links below to access each topic.

How can I help my student with Spanish class?

  • Visit my website to see daily agendas.
  • Practice flash cards with them.
  • Ask them to see their homework.
  • Ask them to see their stamp sheet. It shows what skills they have been able to produce verbally from memory and will need to do before the end of the grading period.
  • Review their notes with them.
  • Encourage them to study and come to tutorials (see hours below).

Retake policy

Retake policy

  • Tests & quizzes only.
  • Earned grade must be below 70% for a maximum retake of 70%.
  • Tutorials before retake are highly encouraged.
  • Must be done within one week of receiving their grade.

Tutorial hours & personal note

On Friday 1/29/16, my family I received three foster children. Including our biological child, we now have four children. With this big change in our family dynamic and added appointments for the foster children I am updating my tutorial schedule each week.

Week of 2/8 - 2/12:

Monday: before school

Tuesday: before school

Wednesday: before school, lunch, and after school

Thursday: before school and lunch

Friday: before school, lunch, and after school

On duty the week of (downstairs by the counseling office):

2/8 (except 2/11)





4/26 (except 4/28)