Animal Discovery Project

Turtle Frog, Axoltl, Olm - By: Amaya W . & Alanna N.

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The Olm also knows as the proteus anguinusas, lives in the caves of Central and Southeastern Europe and is one of the few that is completely aquatic amphibians. They eat, sleep and grows underwater. Lives its entire life in complete darkness. The Olm has never developed eyes and instead has incredible senses of hearing and smell. Water pollution has led to its downfall.

Turtle Frog

The turtle frog also known as Myobatrachus Gouldii is a western Australian frog, that you can find beneath rocks, logs, and dense scrubs. They are carnivores that only eat termites, and can eat up to 400 termites at a time. Mating time occurs during September to February. The frogs can grow up to 5cm /2 in. A cool fact is they skip the tadpole stage, because the embryos undergo the entire development process while still inside their eggs.
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Also known as the Mexican salamander, these little odd amphibians inhabited several lakes in Central America, including Lake Xochimilco in Mexico City. Since 2010, the strange creatures have been critically endangered and in a study in 2013 failed to find any salamanders in the wild.
Axolotls - Cool Aquarium Pet