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Conference Sign up Now Available

Wilson Middle School Conferences will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 20. Times on both nights will be 3-9pm. Wilson teachers are excited to connect with families to provide a progress report on their children at this point in the school year!

Sign up can be done online at the following website:


Sign up is easy...just follow these simple steps:

1) Click the link above

2) Enter your child's legal first and last name in the appropriate fields

3) For password, enter your child's lunch number/ID number

4) Click "schedule" next to the class/teacher you would like to see (up to two teachers)

5) Click the time you would like

6) Click "schedule time" and your conference with that teacher is scheduled

If you run into trouble online, you can always call the Wilson Main Office at (319) 558-2156 and someone can assist you in scheduling your conferences.

We are excited to meet with as many of you as possible on Oct. 18 and 20. See you then!

CLIMB Theatre to present "Stand Out, Step Up" to Wilson Students

The CLIMB Theatre will present an original play called "Stand Out, Step Up" which centers on leadership. There are three separate performances for each grade level. Below is a synopsis of the show, and some questions that you may find helpful when talking to your child about what they saw:

"When we think of leadership in middle or high school, we think about roles: student body president, captain of the football team, drum major. But true leaders know that "leader" is more than just a title, it is a responsibility to oneself and to the community. In this 40 minute interplay, two CLIMBE actor-educators will empower students to make their school a safe place and positive space for all students. Students will learn that leadership doesn't just mean taking charge, but also standing up for those in need, celebrating diversity, and encouraging others to do the same."

Questions to ask your child about the performance:

"Tell me about the play you saw today"

"What did you like about it?"

"What did you learn?"

"What are some ways you can step up at school?"

"What are some ways you can step up at home?"

Cyberbullying Presentation for Parents - Oct. 11th

Officer Shannon Sampson with the Cedar Rapids Police Department will be at Wilson on Tuesday, Oct. 11th from 6-7pm to present on current trends in social media as they relate to cyber bullying, student to student conflicts, and how parents can best be involved in their child's online presence. This is a free presentation open to all parents/guardians.

“Really, Mom…a D now isn’t like a D used to be!”

Parents/Guardians – as the needs of students shift, and the need to ensure essential skills are mastered by all students, there is also a shift in how best to describe a student’s performance level. Rather than letters, symbols, or numbers, the Cedar Rapids Community School District is moving towards the use of the following four words:





For the time being, we will ALSO use traditional letters (A, B, C, etc.) along with percentages, to ensure understanding for all as we make this transition.

Wilson students will receive two types of report card; one that looks traditional, with letter grades and percentages and another with marks of E, P, D, or I for reported standards. A change at Wilson for 2016-17 is that EVERY teacher will report on 21st Century Skills – Employability. We have identified the skills of Responsibility, Engagement, and Integrity to be critical to each student’s future success in school and beyond. Some teachers will also be reporting academic progress using the standards of the content area and these letters. Think of the difference between these statements and what each describes in terms of student mastery of a skill…

“I got a B in Math”

“I got a 3 in Math”

“I’m proficient with integers, and still developing with two-step equations”

Research tells us that students learn better when their skill achievement is clearly described, rather than when they are compared to other students or to a set percentage number that might include many different measures. We are moving in that direction and are committed to doing what’s best for kids. Please feel free to contact jphelan@cr.k12.ia.us (Wilson Instructional Design Strategist) or aeley@cr.k12.ia.us (Wilson Principal) if you need more information at this time.

Thank you!

21st Century Skills Reporting

Knowing where you are and where you want to go is a key part of growth and improvement. Our school regularly uses data to tell us how our students are progressing and to adjust instruction for better results. In addition to reporting academic grades, teachers will also be reporting out on 21st Century Skills this year. Simply put, 21st Century Skills encompass those pieces of student performance that are going to show up all throughout life – in relationships, the workforce, and everywhere else. For any family having had child in a Cedar Rapids Community Schools elementary building, these same skills are reported out as PARRT skills on the elementary report card. Rooted in the Iowa Core, Wilson teachers will routinely report out one overall 21st Century Skill comprised of the following areas:


  • Promptness to class

  • Materials are ready in every class

  • Assigned work is completed on time and with maximum effort


  • Learning Behaviors

  • Collaboration

  • Communication


  • Citizenship

  • Cooperation

  • Respect

  • Ethical Behavior

The scale for reporting will be as such:

  • Exemplary

  • Proficient

  • Developing

  • Insufficient

  • No Evidence

Teachers will be teaching and re-teaching all students what these areas are throughout the year, and what the skills look like at every performance level. Three times a quarter, teachers will report in PowerSchool your child’s progress on 21st Century Skills.

Some key points to understand:

  • 21st Century Skills reports are COMPLETELY SEPARATE from academic grades – they neither raise nor lower an academic grade

  • 21st Century Skills reports are intended to provide talking points about overall student success in classrooms across the building

We are excited to open up the dialogue about your child's success at school even further with this 21st Century Skill report. Feel free to contact Wilson administration with any questions!

Cast for Fall Musical "The Alice Files"

Wilson's talented theatre students will present an original work called "The Alice Files" this October 28th (7pm) and October 29th (2pm). Congrats to the following actors/actresses for their participation:

Miss Fit - Clara Hamilton

Alice - Kate Jordan (Jaden Hodges, understudy)

Dahlia - Naala Wright

Rabbit - Ava Vlcko (Hasani Nijimbere, understudy)

Dodo - Taya Meyer

Parrot - Hannah Steele

Tweedle Dumb - Dillon DeFord

Tweedle Dumber - Caleb Groomes

Billie - Christina Curd

Rose - Kaylin Hamilton

Violet - Zoie Points

Daisy - Taya Meyer

Card 2 - Aiden Osborn

Card 7 - Harley Murray

Card 8 - Hasani Nijimbere

Rufus P. Caterpillar - Joe Nassif

Worchestershire Cat - Araya Westmoreland

Mad Hatter - Dillon DeFord

March Hare - Pacience Dixon

Dormouse - Jaden Hodges

Queen of Hartz - Ella Winans

King of Hartz - Caleb Groomes

Joker - Christina Curd

Jaberwocky Slayer - Clara Hamilton


Naala Wright

Hannah Steele

Sophia Braggs

Nataysia Griffin

Aiden Osborn

Harley Murray

Hasani Nijimbere


Congratulations to the following students for being selected to Star Elite for 2016-17:

Ahnyah Bruce

Francine Niyonyishu

Arayah Westmoreland

Jaden Hodges

Layka Cheney

Jamayka Wilson

Nicole Rowe-Solem

Tahirah Den Beste

Ella Moorman

Carlee Traywick

Olga Chavez

Caydence Miller

Blaklee Gienapp

Kate Jordan

Sophia Braggs

Siara Peck

Kylee Traywick

Gabrielle Guenther

Annie Hackett

Lexus Wilson-Bean

Addie Panosh

Zoie Points

Chloe Hemphill

Christina Curd

Trinitee Brown

Sofia Bell

Hannah Smith

Paige Cline

Pacience Dixon

Shelby Hittie

Chloe Jackson

Kelsie Burgholzer

Olivia Graveman

Jazmin Haynes

Bella Jones

Kylinn Baych

Bella Tamayo

Kenzie Hoyt

Sierra Vega

Kaylynne Baych

Ella Mehmen

Jacklyn Burgholzer

Emily Voshell

Brylee Emerson

Megan Netolicky

Kayleigh Wiesenhofer

Cameron Kelso

Alex Kappmeyer

Caleb Groomes

Aiden Osborn

Memphis Robertson

Dylan Pederson

E-Registration Update

We have had a GREAT response from families getting e-registration completed through PowerSchool! Nearly 75% of our students/families have completed this process. As a reminder, e-registration needs to be done each year to update addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and permissions for field trips and publication permissions. Students with outdated e-registration may risk not being able to attend field trips.

If you need assistance logging on to PowerSchool, or would prefer a hard copy to complete at home and return, please call the main office at 319-558-2156.

Thank you!!!