Sex and Violence:

A Street Car Named Desire.

Metamorphoses Similarities

People believe Tennessee Williams got most of his ideas from the novel Metamorphoses. The qualities that are similar; they both have rape scenes, Philomela and Blanche were both raped by their brother-in-laws. Also both rape scenes happen when the wives are away and out of their homes. Another similarity is Philomela's tongue was cut off, so she could not tell what happened to her, and Blanche was sent away so Stella did not have to believe that she was actually raped by Stanley. The sons that were mentioned in each stories were very important. Philomela's sister Procne's son was killed and served in a pie to give to Procne's husband Tereus. The reason that the son was killed because Tereus' son was joy to him, and was the most important to him. Stella's son is important because in the end of the play the image of having a son shows that manhood won against womanhood and that her son will end up growing to be just like Stanley. Both women that got raped reached out to their sisters. Philomela drew Procne pictures to help her understand what happened since she did not have a tongue to speak. Blanche told Stella what happened and Stella believed her but did not want to believe Stanley would do something like that.

Metamorphoses Differences

There are two completely different parts in the text. In A Streetcar Named Desire was flirtation, violence, and a promiscuous past. The difference in Metamorphoses there was no violence or attraction. Stanley and Blanche have sexual tension towards each other where Philomela and Tereus have none. Stella does not believe Blanche unlike Procne who concocts revenge and kills their son. Procne tries to get her husband to eat the pie with her son in it. Procne believes blood is thicker than water but Stella does not. In A Street Car Named Desire, critics stated that Blanche got what she deserved because of her promiscuous past.

Symbolism's In A Street Car Named Desire

Some symbolism in A Street Car Named Desire is how Blanche always takes baths, this is showing that she is trying to wash away her past, and her worries but she is unsuccessful.

Williams' Realizations to Sex and Violence

Williams uses Blanche as a character similar to himself. He had a lot of sexual abuse as a young adult. He came out to his father. His father did not like that Williams was a homosexual. Blanche suffers from loneliness so did Williams when he came out. No one wanted to accept him. His own father did not want anything to do with him. Willams suffered from depression, mental illness, alcohol, and drugs. These are all characteristics of the characters in this play. A Last realization is Blanches first husband Allen was actually portrayed as Williams, because he attempted to kill himself due to his homosexuality. Alike, Blanche's husband killed himself because Blanche found out that he was gay and Allen was really confused and felt lonely.