BetterU Challenge

A 12-Week Program to Improve Your Overall Health

Week 9 - Get the Low Down on Diabetes

Welcome Back! I hope you can join us this morning at 10 am in Cook 112. This is a great opportunity to share our successes, challenges, and plans for a healthy lifestyle in 2014.

In our BetterU program this week, we learn that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, diabetes greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. We may not have any symptoms and so checkups with our healthcare provider are a good idea.

Question 3 is true. If physical activity and healthy eating are not priorities in our lives, we probably won't be successful in maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle. The more we value an activity, the more time we will spend doing it. When we decide to make an active lifestyle, healthy foods, and a healthy heart, we will find time for them (p. 90).

Remember - it all starts with small, simple choices.