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Week of February 16, 2016

Weekly Highlights

Information for the week

Raby Day of Service

I am super excited for our 4th Annual Raby Day of Service! Our students will have an opportunity to exemplify service as they work with students at elementary schools. Please be sure to completely review the logistics that Mr. Kosko sent out last week. It is imperative that we follow all of the guidelines closely. Also, please be sure that we have Raby staff with students at all times. Teachers may take breaks in the staff room, however, all teachers are expected to engage with the students at some point during the day. If you have any questions about Raby Day of Service, please check with Mr. Kosko

Focus on Culture and Climate

Ensuring that we have a healthy school climate has been the focus of conversation lately. Listed below are areas to consider:

-Utilize the CHAMPS framework throughout your lesson to help students understand academic and behavioral expectations.

-When students need to be removed from class, give them clear expectations for what you need them to do (i.e. please leave class and report to Coach D. Refrain from using phrases like "get out".)

-Utilize the advisory tips and lessons that are sent out by Mrs. Hill each week.

-Use kind words in reference to your colleagues.

-Support students in extra curricular activities.

-Call parents or send emails when students are doing well in class.

-Praise students for progress everyday.

-Address mean or rude comments in class every time.

-Stand at your door during passing periods and welcome students to class.

-Refrain from using sarcastic comments to address students.

-Start each day with a new chance for everyone.

-At the end of each day, focus on something that YOU did well that day. Remember to give yourself credit for your hard work!

My Voice, My School

If you have not done so, please take a minute to complete the My Voice, My School survey. We will administer the survey to students in March.

Q3 Success

Supplies will not be a barrier to success in quarter 3. We have plenty of writing utensils and paper. Students should not be excluded from class because they do not have these items. Feel free to review preparedness expectations for your students when they enter your class. If you need any supplies, please check with Ms. Barnes. Also, set up procedures for students if they need to "borrow" materials while in your class. I certainly understand the frustration of students not coming to class prepared, however, we do not want to waste instructional time dealing with issues that we can prevent. If you have questions or need support with setting up procedures, please let me know.

Black History Month

Before the close of the month, please find time to focus on the contributions of African-Americans in your content area. For lesson ideas, please check the Discovery Site.

Have a great day off and have a great week!