Criminal Justice

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

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Students who are very involved in Criminal Justice went to Laredo, Texas to compete at a competition to see who's skills have improved over the period of time Mr. Juarez has taught them.

They had to dress in their police officer attire with almost everything that a police officer carries.

They had: a fake gun, handcuffs & the key to the handcuffs.


The Criminal Justice course consist of five different classes which are:

  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Security Services
  • Law Enforcement I
  • Law Enforcement II
  • Correctional Services
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" The class is amazing, it has really helped me learn what I want to learn to achieve in my career "

-- Miguel De La Cruz

" I know I can pursue my dreams with the encourgement and knowledge I get from Mr. Juarez's classes "

-- Dante Contreras
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Eagle Pass ISD Criminal Justice Course

Students today are interested in careers in law enforcement forensics, homeland security, law, investigations, corrections and dispatching.

with new certifications and skills being discovered every day to better prepare students for these jobs, this is the place to come to find the best information and education you need to be the best student that you can be, regardless of which Criminal Justice class you are taking.

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Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

  • Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of police, court, corrections, private security, and protective agencies of fire and emergency services. The course provides students with an overview of the skills necessary for careers in law enforcement, fire service, security, and corrections.
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Security Services

  • The course provides an overview of security elements and types of organizations with a focus on security measures used to protect lives, property, and proprietary information.** (Certification Available)**
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Law Enforcement I

  • This course includes the role of constitutional law, the United States legal system. criminal law, law enforcement terminology, and the classification and elements of crime.

Law Enforcement II

  • This course includes the ethical and legal responsibilities, operation of police and emergency telecommunication equipment, and courtroom testimony. **(911 Emergency Certification)**
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Correctional Service

  • In this course the student will learn the role and responsibilities of a correctional officer; discuss relevant rulers, regulations, and laws. Discussing defensive tactics, restraint techniques, and first aid procedures as used in the correctional setting. The student will analyze rehabilitation and alternatives to institutionalization.

Victor Juarez Jr.

C.C. Winn High School

Courses Taught:

  • Principles of Law
  • Public Safety
  • Corrections
  • Security & Law Enforcement
Handcuffing video

Click me if you want to learn how to handcuff someone.