The book writtten by a 16year old!

"The Outsiders"

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Just a little info!!!

The book "The Outsiders" was supposuply wrote by a 16year old.The book is about two gangs that are huge rivals.One of the gangs is called the Socs and they are very rich the other gang is called the Graesers.Their not poor but their income is very low.

Senes in this book can get really Crazy just read it ans see.

Some things you should know!!!

This is a really great book.That picture has one of the main characters in it.Its the boy his name is Ponyboy he a graeser.The girl is not really a main character but her name is Cherry she part of the Socs gang.You probaly think since their rivals why are they sitting so close we all did but cherry isn't like all the other Socs.

Some of the Action

This book has a real twisted sene in the middle to last kinda part where another main characterkills one of the Socs.His name is Johnny evryone thought he was real aoft because of how quiet he is.No one could belive that sweet ole Johnny killed someone.That was kinda the big twist but there are many more just read it and see i would give it a 5 star rate.