HTML5 app builder

HTML5 app builder

If you want to reach that extra mile to deliver an experience that would reach a larger audience, you have to build apps that would work on varied operating systems and devices. Using the "HTML5 app builder" can help you reach this sooner. We have free as well as trial payment packages, which will aid you in getting the best application ever possible. If you use the HTML5 app builder for creating apps, whether free or paid, our support team will always assist you in getting your queries and problems resolved. Use the HTML5 app builder and create your required app in the admin dashboard. After designing your app, update your app settings and properties admin dashboard. With the Publish inside the app builder, the app created using the HTML5 app builder can get published within seconds.

Whether you need your application colorful or single-themed, we can help you with our various options available in the library for creating apps using the HTML5 app builder. Our templates are all customizable and editable, thus allowing you to change the template as and when you need that would meet your requirements. If you are not impressed with any of the templates available, design one by yourself with our features and tools in the HTML5 app builder. After creating the application, go on to the publish widget, that will help you get your applications to the concerned stores. After creating the application using the HTML5 app builder, and publishing it, you can use the promote widget for the promotion of your application using SEO and social media. The HTML5 app builder is one of the most sought after in creating apps, as it easily allows one to design apps that can be converted to other platforms.

SECLabs Publish

Use this widget to tell your friends and contact about AppNotch. For every referral that becomes a paying member, you will get 1-month of free access.

Custom Publish

Invite your friends, family and customers to take a virtual tour of your app. Use Share widget if you want them to edit and polish your app.

Android Conversion (SECLabs)

Get a free QR code for your HTML5 web app and access your app from any major mobile or tablets.