George S. Patton

by: Jasmine cox


  • As a 26-year-old Army cavalry officer Patton was selected as the sole American competition
  • Patton believed in reincarnation
  • George Patton also earned a purple heart in World War I
  • He was used as a decoy in the lead up to D-Day.
  • Patton was one of the top swordsmen at West Point and among the foremost fencers in the United States. He created his own sword.

The Map

These maps explain where the war is and how it all happen. It is mapped out on these two maps. In the lower map it shows where the allied and the axis powers worked and how they`re separated. The connection is how the allied powers are so powerful in world war I.
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Talking about George patton

George Patton was born in San Gabriel, California on November 11, 1885. Considered one of the most successful combat generals in U.S history he was the first officer assigned to the Tank Corps in WWI. George Patton had also helped lead the allies to victory in the invasion of Sicily. George P. played a good role during this time period he helped lead a lot of people to victory.

To the beginning of his life to the end he died on December 21, 1945 in Heidelberg, Germany. The first real taste of war that Patton had actually had was in 1915 when leading cavalry patrols against Pancho Villa at Fort Bliss along the Mexican border. In 1916 he was selected to aide John J Pershing he was the commander of the American expeditionary of mexico George P impressed Pershing by shooting Mexican leader Julio Cardenas During the battle of Columbus, this is how George Patton had became such a great leader and motivator during the wars.

Making connections

  • douglass macarthur was an American general who commanded the Southwest Pacific in World War II 1939-1945 oversaw the successful Allied occupation of postwar Japan and led United Nations forces in the Korean War. I would say that douglass and patton were very alike they both were great leaders who led people to victorys.