All About Me

Marissa Dillon

Who Am I?

My name is Marissa Dillon and I was born on September 19th 2000 in Toronto, Ontario. I lived in North York until 2009 and that was when I moved to Brampton. I have one younger sister named Serena who is in Grade One. I am an athlete, more specifically I wrestle, kickbox, and play rugby. I love to work out and maintain a healthy and fit body. I love watching and playing hockey, I grew up going to watch my dad's hockey games every Friday. My favourite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I also love watching UFC, my favorite fighters are Donald Cerrone, Clay Guida, and Ronda Rousey. My favourite food is pasta, If i could eat only pasta for the rest of my life I honestly would. My favorite school subjects are History, French, and Gym and my favourite movies are the Rocky series and Scarface. I currently work at Canada's Wonderland for the 2016 season and I've really enjoyed it so far. An interesting fact about me is that I am fluent in sign language because both of my parents are deaf. My favourite thing to do in the summer is go to cottages, swim in lakes, and go to beaches. My favorite place to go visit in the summer is New Brunswick. I really love New Brunswick, I've been there more times than I can count because my mom was born and raised there and I love everything about it. I pretty much watch Netflix 85% of the time, and the best shows I've ever watched are Friends, Prison Break, and Gossip Girl. My favourite show to watch on TV is The Walking Dead. In the future, I would like to be very accomplished in the sports that I play, and I want to attend University of New Brunswick and go to law school there as well.

My Life line

My favourite things

Rocky series

I first watched the Rocky movies three years ago when I started kickboxing. I have always loved fighting but more specifically MMA and watching UFC. Rocky never gets old to me, I could watch all six movies every day and never get tired of it. It always gets me motivated and I really like the story line. The fact that Rocky overcomes every obstacle, never gives up, trains hard, is dedicated to the sport and defies the odds every time because he is considered the underdog is very intriguing to me. The link below is a trailer of one of my favorite Rocky movie in the series, Rocky II.

Classic Rock

My favorite genre of music is rock but more specifically classic rock, including bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, AC/DC, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Rush, and more. The reason why this is my favorite genre of music is because you can really tell the musicians' passion for the music that they created and the music wasn't created by studios, the artists wrote everything themselves and were truly talented. The lyrics actually stood for something and had meaning as opposed to much of the lyrics in songs today. The way that instruments were used and sounds were created were amazing. Classic Rock also paved the way for many other genres of music and many of the bands had a distinct and creative sound of their own. The link below has one of my favorite rock songs of all time, The Spirit of Radio by Rush.


My favorite hobby of mine is wrestling. I first saw wrestling on UFC, there were some fighters who had a wrestling background and I thought it was really cool. When I came to Louise Arbour last year in grade 9 I found out that we had a wrestling team and I immediately wanted to join. I really like the fact that wrestling is really intense and teaches you how to be committed and dedicated to something, as well as time management and helps you balance schoolwork and athletics really well. I also like all the techniques we learn, and how everything is on you once you step onto the mat. You can't depend on anyone but yourself and afterwards you know what you need to improve on whereas in a team sport you rely on the whole team and they have to improve as a whole. Wrestling keeps me really fit and helps me become stronger physically and mentally. I never thought that I would feel as passionate as I do about wrestling. This sport really brings out the best and worst in me but I wouldst have it any other way.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Ever since I was small, my family and I have supported the Toronto Maple Leafs and they're my all time favourite sport team. I grew up always around hockey as my dad played goalie for a team every Friday and I'd always go to watch. My love for hockey has grown immensely since then, even though I don't play hockey in a league. Many people wonder why I support the Leafs as strong as I do despite their current record. Neither me or my parents have witnessed the leafs win a Stanley Cup in our lifetimes so far, but I've always and still have hope for the Leafs and know that we'll see the cup in a few years. The passion that Leaf fans have for the team is something really special, no matter which city or state the Leafs play in, you'll always see a large amount of Leaf fans cheering the boys on.

The Walking Dead

My favourite TV show that I always watch and absolutely cannot miss is The Walking Dead. I started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix after many friends of mine had recommended it to me. Quickly I got very interested and emotionally involved into the show and now I absolutely love it. The lifestyle that the characters have to adapt to and the conditions that they have to endure are beyond belief. The action in it with the zombies is really cool too and the show always has you at the end of your seat, you never know what will happen next. The end of every episode leaves me amazed and always wanting more. I also really like the costumes, sets, makeup, and story line that is included within The Walking Dead.

My Leadership Style

Leader as a Joiner

My leadership style is Leader as a Joiner. This is because often when I am in groups for projects, I do not like being considered as a leader. I prefer that everyone is equal and makes decisions together rather than one person being in charge the whole time. If I am the one who is chosen to speak for the whole group then I will but other than that I'd rather have everyone in the group say a part so everyone has an equal chance to be a part of it.

my influences

The people who most influence me in my life are my parents. My parents are the people in my life who push me to strive for the better and to keep improving whether it be my grades or sports, etc. I have learned most of the things I know about life from my parents and the way that they both have raised me has built my character into the person I am today. I am a hard worker based on my parents and how hard they both have worked to give my sister and I a really good life to live. The reason I take school as seriously as I do is to make them proud and to show them that all their hard work is paying off. The internal factors that shape my character come from the external factors in my life such as the sports I play and my job. From my sports I learn how to become more dedicated, committed, strong willed, and motivated. From my job I learn how to be more independent, and responsible. My friends have influenced me to become more compassionate, caring, and happy.


The one person in my life who is important to me and who I consider to be a role model of mine is my dad. My dad has been the one who has brought out the athletic side in me and if it were not for him, I would not have experienced the wins or gained new skills from sports that are crucial in every day life. My dad is one of the most generous people I know, he is very caring, loving, trustworthy, and athletic. He has always backed me up, supported me and agreed with letting me participate in whatever sport I want, and is always wanting to come watch my wrestling matches or rugby games. He is the one who has introduced me to my favorite sports, hockey and MMA; I would not have began to kickbox or wrestle if he had not. My dad is important to me because I know that I can always count on him and he is always there for me when I need him . Because of my dad, I have become more athletic, and have gained some of his characteristics like his open-mindedness, generosity, selflessness, and more.

My Future

In the future I want to go into the Law field, I'm not sure what specific area yet but I know that I am set on going to Law school. For many years I have always wanted to go to University of New Brunswick. This is because the campus has all the programs that I am interested in and plus the athletics that I would participate in are there. The reason why I want to go into the Law field is because I've always loved learning about the government and participating in a government scene in history or civics class. I plan to do a history or political science undergrad and then attend law school both at University of New Brunswick.

family symbols

Firstly, I put the flag of Guyana because I am half Guyanese; my dad's side is Guyanese and he was born in Georgetown, Guyana and moved to Canada when he was little. Secondly, I put the flags of Poland and Lithuania because I am one quarter Polish and one quarter Lithuanian. My mom is half Polish and half Lithuanian because my grandma's side is from Poland and my Grandpa's side is from Lithuania. Next, I put a photo of the beach because going to many beaches in the summer is an important family tradition. Every summer, my family and I travel to as many beaches as we can because we really enjoy swimming and the warm weather. My favorite beach to go to is Wasaga Beach. After that I put the McDonalds logo because it is my family's favorite fast food place to eat at. Every Friday for as long as I can remember, it has been a tradition in my family to get fast food every Friday and usually we get McDonalds. Then, I put a photo of the logo of the NHL (National Hockey League) because hockey has been pretty important in my house since I was born. My dad played hockey every Friday all my life up until around three years ago. At the same time, I grew up watching Toronto Maple Leafs and cheering for them during all of their games. Next, I put the Star of David which is the symbol of Judaism because my family and I are Jewish. Lastly, I put a photo of Hopewell Rocks which is in New Brunswick because every time I visit New Brunswick it is my favorite place to go and visit.

My personality test results

Learning Styles: Visual-Auditory

This result was very accurate. When I learn in class I like to take lots of notes, very in detail but also very organized as well with important topics highlighted. I also remember a lot of things I have learned in class or seen visually in my mind. When I study for quizzes or tests, I like to read my notes aloud with my eyes closed to see if I remember the definition or topic, I also like to go over the topic with someone before I do the quiz or test to make sure I am accurate. When teachers create slideshows with notes and explain the information aloud I find it very beneficial as I not only get to take notes but I remember more when it is said and explained out loud. When I study for a quiz or test or even when doing an assignment or project I find that I am more productive when I have music in the background. When I learn in class I also benefit from doing tasks or lessons hands-on. I like to be active when learning and when I study for a quiz or tests I study on one topic, take a break and then move on to another.

Personality: ISFJ

This result was very accurate. I don't like being involved in conflicts, mostly because I feel like it is a waste of time, and I don't like taking many risks because I tend to analyze the pros and cons of a decision before making a final one. Many tell me that I am a great listener and someone who is very easy to vent to when facing a problem. When I meet people I remember specific details about them so it is much easier to create conversation with them once I see them again. I am not very open with many people, it always tends to be the ones who I feel that are right and who I feel most comfortable with. Even though I may not talk a lot, I am very observant and take in many details of surroundings. I always like helping people as it is not only beneficial for the person, I get the feeling of compassion in return as well. It is always hard for me to turn away from someone asking for help. I get alone with others pretty easily once I start talking to them and find a common ground to have a conversation about. I always fulfill the promises I make and try my hardest to complete tasks to the best of my ability. I don't like the feeling of letting people down, and getting criticized on something in front of people though I know it will be beneficial towards me in the long run. I don't like putting myself in situations where I feel like I will be unsuccessful because I like perfecting everything and being an expert at it.

Interest: The Catalyst

This result was also accurate. I am very good at understanding people and I am a great listener and advice giver when it comes to other's problems. I like to work with a group of people who all have a common interest or a common goal so that achieving the task will be much more effective and easier. I like to think about things in depth before I take action so I know that everything will turn out good. I am also pretty confident with the things I am interested in because I am most successful with these.

Knowledge: physical education

This result was very accurate. Sports and having a healthy body are both very important and present in my life. Sports are something that I am very passionate about and physical education is definitely a course that I enjoy a lot and which I plan to take all four years. It also is my highest mark for all my courses this semester. I love being active and maintaining a healthy body to be successful in the sports that I play. Taking part in sports makes me feel more confident, I love the environment which is full of people who are all trying to strive and be successful like you, and you create more friends that share your best moments with you in the sport.

Motivations: Achievement

This result is accurate. Most things I take part in, especially sports are areas where I want to achieve something. Whether a personal best, a win, or even if I learnt something new and perfected it. I want to achieve something all of the time so that I know all the time, hard work, and effort that I put in is actually paying off. I want to know that I improved over time and that I keep improving to achieve a new goal. But also in order to do these things I almost always have to be in an encouraging environment full of support from the people around me to help me become better and help me reach my new goal.

Multiple Intelligences

The results of my multiple intelligences were mostly accurate. Ranking the results from strongest to weakest would be Intrapersonal strength, Kinesthetic strength, Logical strength, Interpersonal strength, Existential strength, Verbal strength, Visual strength, and Naturalist strength.

I was not surprised with the results of my multiple intelligence. My strongest intelligence is Intrapersonal strength which is “the ability to understand one’s own emotions, motivations, inner states of being, and self reflection” (Gardner). I find that I know who I want to be as a person and I have a sense of what I want to become in the future. When I face challenges I know how to motivate myself to overcome these obstacles and achieve my goal. For example if I am just about to go into a wrestling match, I give myself a mini pep talk reminding myself of my ultimate goal which is OFSAA. If I am not in the best mood, I find that I know exactly what to do to lift my mood and to make myself feel better, for example go outside and play sports. I am also very familiar with my beliefs and values. I follow them pretty strongly because I feel like they are important and I will be successful in the end if I do. I was not surprised with the order of my results as well because right after Intrapersonal, its Kinesthetic and I am an athlete and a very conscious person when it comes to maintaining a healthy


Now that I know Intrapersonal intelligence is my strength, I will use this to strengthen my learning by understanding my own emotions toward a subject. If I have negative emotions I will work harder and do my absolute best so I can achieve things in the course that I may not have been able to do before. I will also stick to my personal values and beliefs to stay focused in classes and use this to motivate myself for my post-secondary plans. I can also use Intrapersonal intelligence towards my athletics. Self reflection and motivation are very important while playing a sport, they not only help you become better but it helps you strive for greatness.

True Colours


I do agree with the results. I got all boxes marked off in all four categories: Curious Green, Adventurous Orange, Responsible Gold, and Harmonious Blue except for just one in the Adventurous Orange category. This means that I have characteristics about my personality that fit in all four areas.

I think that these results are accurate because I do like being thought of by other people as smart and before making decisions I always like to examine the pros and cons. When I am doing nothing I usually get preoccupied in my thoughts and I always like gaining new knowledge and sharing it with other people, which all correspond to the Curious Green category. In regards to the Responsible Gold category, I always like to help people and I stay loyal to all my relationships and commitments. I don’t like quitting something after I have started. I like to follow the rules because almost all of the time it will be beneficial towards me if I do. All of my relationships are very important to me and I value them. I dont have many friends, I like to have only a few close friends who understand me and have things in common with me. Negative people are something that I usually stay away from, I usually like having people in my life who are a positive influence and who I can strive for the best alongside. I care about other’s feelings, sometimes more often than my own to make people happy. These all fall in the Harmonious Blue category.

The last category which is Adventurous Orange is very compatible with my personality except for one aspect. Although I always have the need for action and being active, playing high intensity sports and working out, doing exciting new things and not being held back by anything, I do not like taking risks. Personally, I like to think about the consequences of an action that I might take before I actually do it. I am extremely competitive, especially in the sports that I love. But sometimes, not usually I just like playing around for fun without competition.


My results from the True Colours test was the same because the least compatible category was Adventurous Orange again and all the other categories were pretty similar. I think that the results were all the same because I answered them very similarly to the first quiz. The most compatible out of all four was Responsible Gold. This says that I am self-sufficient, dutiful, committed, responsible, thorough, faithful, practical, systematic, helpful, efficient, and sensible. I feel like these categories match my personality well. The test also named my key weaknesses which are bossiness, uptightness, judgementalism, predictability, tendency to control, narrow-mindedness, and dullness (lack of creativity). I agree with most of them but the ones I especially disagree with is bossiness and narrow-mindedness. This is because I am rarely bossy, I always put other’s needs and wants first rather than mine, I never like making decisions and always want others to make decisions because I have a fear of being seen as bossy. In regards to the narrow-mindedness, I strongly disagree with this one. I am always open to doing new things and going new places, experiencing more. Narrow-minded people are number one on my pet peeve list because I like people who are always optimistic and are adventurous.