Digital Security and Privacy

By: Connor, Brandt, and Oscar

Are you safe online?

Ways to stay safe:

Never pass on your password

Never reveal personal information online

Never reveal personal details to strangers or just met friends

Is Digital Privacy At An End?

Are you sure your account information is locked?

Digital privacy is a trending social concern. NEVER give your information to online stranger and tell an adult if someone ever asks you for personal information.
Digital Security

How to stay smart with digital privacy!

Don't be a digital dummy, Did you know: Once a photo is released online you can never be 100% sure what will happen to that photo and who has that photo. Being a responsible digital citizen means being aware of the impact you can have on others online and what you post online.
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The affect of diagital security and privacy being lost

People can be bullied when they post something online and hundreds of people screenshot it and they are made fun of.

People may steal your address and random people may come to your house.

your accounts information, money and private information could be stolen if you use your credit card on a non secure website.

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Be ready

Digital security is a scary thing, where computers, mobile devices and electronics with cyber criminals looking and ready to steal your data and information. 1."In the past few years, like credit card thefts at Target and password issues at sites like LinkedIn". We need to make sure that we are ready and don't ever give private information to anyone or anything online that isn't trust worthy.

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