Mrs. Bryant's Class

Kindergarten - Room 510

Week 21!

I'm excited to announce that since yesterday, we have opened our classroom to an SFA intern from the College of Education! Her name is Ms. Melissa and she will be in our class until May for 2 hours in the morning, Monday through Thursday. Her focus will be working with students in small groups to strengthen their reading and comprehension strategies. We're so excited to have her!

This week we...

  • Saw a dairy cow!
  • Gained a new friend! And a new adult friend!
  • Made cubes (and other shapes) out of toothpicks and marshmallows!
  • And then ate some marshmallows!
  • Chased our teacher on the playground!
  • Started selling chocolate to raise money for our school!
  • Are 100 days brighter!!!

Week 19

Some new news in the classroom:

  • We've starting working on adjectives in writing
  • Yearbook order forms have been sent out
  • We had our 2nd 9 week recognition awards on Friday, Jan. 20
  • We learned two new sight words: got, in
  • We learned two new word families: -eg, -en
  • We're adding more time to our math block and we are cutting our 2nd recess, but extending the time in our morning recess

    This week in math, we are talking about 2D shapes and next week, we will talk about 3D shapes (cone, cylinder, sphere, cube). We will have a math show-and-tell next Friday, Jan. 27. Students are asked to bring an item and describe what kind of shape it is (a toy car's wheels are circles, their favorite cup is a cylinder, etc.). If you are unable or forget (been there, done that!), they will be able to choose an item from our classroom to show. I'll be sure to send a note home and post pictures on Class Dojo!

Week 18




We had such an exciting "first" in our classroom this week! We went on a field trip to EcoLand in Kilgore! We visited the Plants&Animals and Water stations. We even saw a rabbit and a chinchilla. We had never seen one before! I'd like to thank four amazing parents who made this trip possible. You all stepped in and helped make this field trip a success.

We've had a busy week and we will continue to have a busy week next week. We've been doing quite a few MOY (middle of the year) assessments. I'm sure their brains are exhausted!


  • Report cards go out on Thursday, January 19
  • The 9 week Awards Ceremony will be on Friday, January 20

Since I will not be here that day, Mrs. Anthony will call out the names and hand out the certificates. Also, you will receive an invitation if your child is receiving an award.

Week 16!

The week before an extended break is definitely an adventure, but we continue to learn (while having fun!).

We're working on subtraction and growing as mathematicians. It's definitely a harder concept than addition, but we're getting it!

Some questions you can ask your child:

  • We bought 12 pouches of juice at the store, but you and your brother are taking 1 to school. How many pouches are going to be left?
  • What do you do when you add? (Make the number bigger) What do you do when you subtract? (Take away)

We're also continuing and ending informational text. A few weeks ago, we talked about the author's purpose and you can incorporate this into ANY story you read! We talked about the acronym, PIE. Is the author trying to Persuade you, Inform you, or Entertain you? It's as easy as pie. ;)

In writing, we have been reviewing past, present, and future tense. Here are the sentence stems we have used when talking about our elf's adventures:

  • Yesterday, Snowgirl _______. Today, she is _______. Tomorrow, I hope she _______.

It's been an AWESOME first half to our school year and I can't wait to see how much these kids grow. See you next year!! :D

Week 14 - check!

The week after Thanksgiving break is definitely crazy, but it was so nice to see their faces every day!


  • continued to discuss informational text.
  • discussed the author's purpose could be PIE (persuade, inform, entertain).
  • continued to blend phonemes, or letter sounds.
  • became masters of 2 new sight words: said and it.
  • learned that "sum" means to add.

We also have an ELF in our classroom keeping a watchful eye on our kids. Her name is Snowgirl, although Princess Empire was a close second. We've started an Elf Journal and students will complete a daily entry during morning work.

NEXT WEEK, B-Q-J will have a Christmas sing-along in the gym at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7th. Students can practice at home with this link: Thank you to Mrs. Sifuentes for organizing this event!

Week 12 = complete!


Reports cards will be sent home on Wednesday afternoon. If you still have the envelope and report card from the last 6 weeks, please send those back.

Friday is an early release day. School ends at 12pm.


This week, we have started our unit on informational texts. We learned all about apples and Veterans Day! Did you know that informational books usually have headings, diagrams, labels, bold words, and captions?

Our letter this week was Ii. The sight words were at and yes. The word families were -ig and -ip. Remember: our spelling test are each Friday. Last week, it was over -at words. This week, it was over -ig words.

In writing, we are continuing to work on past, present, and future tense.

In math, we are reviewing decomposing and composing numbers and numbers to 20.

Week 11 is done!

We had an awesome first party last Friday to celebrate Halloween! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Did you know that on Tuesday, we met the FIFTY DAY MARK in Kindergarten!? This school year is going by fast! I love watching them grow.

This week, we wrapped up our unit on onset and rime (for now). We're also working on one more and one less in math. We conducted a science experiment when talking about solids, liquids, and gases (photo is above). Shout out to Ms. Kathryn who braved the balloon, baking soda, and vinegar.

Onto Week 11!

We've finished week 10 and are moving into week 11.

This week we have introduced something completely new: Venn diagrams! They did SO good! First, we compared firemen and policemen and then we compared two stores The Shoemaker and the Elves and The Lion and the Mouse.

We also wrapped up the candy and pumpkin donations for the Fall Festival. AND OUR CLASS WON! The original plan was to have one winner, but PTO decided to have one winner per grade level. However, we were second place for the whole school! I am so honored to have amazing families in our classroom that help our school succeed. I'm sure our kids will LOVE their popcorn party.

Next week is the start of BQJ's canned food drive. If you are able, please donate any unexpired canned foods. These will be delivered locally.

Week 10

Next week is Red Ribbon Week! Here are the dress up days:

Monday - Red or white uniform shirt with blue jeans

Tuesday - Favorite team jersey

Wednesday - Favorite superhero shirt with jeans

Thursday - Crazy socks

Friday - 50s day

Also, we are planning to have a Halloween party on Friday, October 28. If you would like to contribute any goodies, please let me know and send them with your child before Friday.

BQJ is participating in a canned food drive. It is a competition between 4th and 5th grade and the winning grade level will donate their cans to either Harvest House or HOPE. The food drive is from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4.

Big image

This and next week!

You should have received your child's report card in an envelope. Please be sure to sign the report card and return it in the envelope. Let me know if you have any questions!

We have our Book Fair next week! Our kids were not able to check out a library book on Monday (Oct. 3) because of the three-day weekend and they won't be able to check out a library book on Monday (Oct. 10) because of the book fair. Our librarian, Mrs. Sanders, was SO kind to us and let us check out books yesterday. If your child has more than one library book in their backpack, it's okay! They will return their library books on Monday, Oct. 17. If you would like to send money with your student for the Book Fair, I would recommend sending it in an envelope and then letting me know so that I can let them shop in the library.

This week, we tackled rhyming, counting and ordering numbers, singular and plural nouns, and what it means to be a good citizen.

It's been a good week!

The first six weeks is complete!

We made it through the first six weeks! Reports cards will be sent home on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Please sign your child's report card and send it back to school with them as soon as possible.

Remember: There is no school on Monday, Oct. 3.

This week we read Stellaluna and discussed the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We completed a story map to help us!

In writing, we continued to work on nouns. At the end of the week, we went outside and got to draw nouns with chalk! Sorry if your child came home a little messy! :)

We discussed part-part-whole in math and did a neat art activity. I will post pictures on Class Dojo soon.


It was so nice to see many of you at Open House! I love when I have opportunities to meet with you and your student outside of school hours.

Next week we will...

  • Continue to work on rhyming
  • Continue to work on retelling
  • Continue to work on composing and decomposing numbers
  • Review Mm and Aa
  • Introduce "look" and "my"
  • Introduce the word family "-at"

We are also entering the last week of the 1st 6 weeks! Can you believe it? Report cards will be sent home soon. Also, if you ordered a t-shirt, they should be in within the next 2 weeks!

Fourth week!

This week, your kiddos had a substitute for the first time! I did peek in on them during my lunch hour and they were fantastic. It made my heart happy!

We've been talking about character traits and introduced this concept by reading A Bad Case of the Stripes. I love that book! You can ask your student about the characters in the books you read at home.

"What did the character look like?"
"What did the character feel like when __________ happened?"
"How did the character feel like in the beginning versus the end?"

We're also learning about rhyming. You can extend their learning by simply saying a word and having your child tell you a rhyming word. It can be a nonsense word, too!

We're working on one-to-one correspondence with numbers 0-20 and objects. You can extend this by dumping anything (cereal, Skittles, rice) on a table and have your child count them. We're also working on one more and one less. You can use items to help them with this concept.

"You have 5 Skittles. What is one more/less?"

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