St. Juan Diego

by: Caitlin, Dyon, Cayde, & Khoa

New Convert

Ten years after the conquest of Mexico, St. Juan Diego became a new convert to the Catholic faith.

  • He was walking to Mass when Mary appeared to him.
  • She asked him to go to the Bishop to ask that a temple be created in her name.
  • He did as she asked and went to the Bishop.

Our Lady of Gaudalupe

Bishop Juan de Zumarraga listened to what he had to say but he was a little skeptical.

He asked him to return another day, but again he was still unsure.

Mary's sign

Mary ordered St. Juan Diego to go a nearby hill to gather roses that he would deliver to the Bishop.

  • this was significant within itself because it was not the time of year that roses grew.

The Tilma

He filled his cloak with the flowers and when he delivered them to the Bishop .

When he opened his cloak the roses fell out and they both noticed that an image of Mary had been imprinted into the tilma.

This miracle prompted the Bishop to build the Church that Mary had asked for.

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