Running with Scissors

By Augusten Burroughs

Book Summary

The book "Running with Scissors" hits on the biggest moments of Augusten Burroughs life and speaks on his journey through a family divorce, being adopted by a crazy doctor and even coming to terms with his own sexuality.

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose for writing the book "Running with Scissors" was to tell his readers about his life story and how he overcame circumstances that most would think of as impossible to overcome. It also serves as a way for him to try and give information to people or young people that are going through a similar life.

Concepts To learn From

  • Never judge a book by its cover
  • Never give up on what you believe
  • Nobody's perfect and no one person should be left out
  • Cherish your loved ones and those little moments you have

Addressing The Issues

Social Issues

  • The troubles of being a child dealing with parents divorce.
  • Dealing with adoptions and new environments

Cultural Issues

  • How the community sees and interacts with gay people
  • How people feel about the large age range dating

Leaving an Impression

In the chapter "The Burning Bush" Augusten finds himself an a very awkward situation with his mother and the preachers wife. He finds out that his mom is now a lesbian and instead of disowning her he acts as if nothing has changed even though he was upset. This shows how strong the bond between parent and son are.

Sharing Passages

"Little Blue Boy" pg 17

  • This passage shares the feelings Augusten had towards the fighting his mother and father did, and also how it effect him mentally.
"School Daze" pg 132

  • The reason i found this passage interesting was because of the fact that it showed how far Augusten would go to get what he wanted

Personal Book Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5

I could not relate to anything in my life or me personally to Augusten's story and the elements that he put into the book showed that this was not a story for all readers