Texas gets independence

After 10 years Texas joins USA

Texas Fights

Texas had just engaged in a massive war with mexico. They fought lots of times sometimes massecured like at Goliad and at the Alamo. But One day in the town of San Jacinto texas snuck up onthe mexicans while they were having a sieststa and remember the alamo the Texans shouted. The texans killed many mexicans that day and arested the mexican genral Santa Anna.
Battle of San Jacinto Music Video

Join The U.S.A ?

After 10 years of being a country Texas is getting questioned on becomeing a state in the U.S.A. Some texans think they should stay a country but some think they should join the U.S.A.. Some of the people in the U.S. do not want texas because they do not want to get in a war with Mexico.

Texas finnaly Joins U.S.A.

Texas finally gets statehood

Texas is a state

After many arguments. Texas and the U.S.A finally had an agreement Texas became a state.The statehood ceremony was on Dec. 29th 1845 4 days after christmas.