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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mrs. Hladun's Tidings

We are so appreciative of your support during the first two days of school. Although there were some technical issues, I am proud of our teachers, support staff, parents, and especially our students for their perseverance, patience and grit. I am confident that things will continue to smooth out as we all become more familiar with the tools we are using to create digital learning communities.

A reminder that if you have questions about your teacher's schedule or digital tools, check in with your teacher first. We are always available in the office to support, as well.

Our district is creating a library of technology resources to help families. You can find the links at on the right side under the blue and while C (for Clever). Our district is adding links daily based on input we are receiving.

On a very separate note, I finally got enough YouTube subscribers to customize our channel name (yay!). You can visit: to listen to stories that I have read out loud and to see other videos we've produced. I'll continue to add to it, so check it out on occasion!

First Day Pictures for the Yearbook

Each year we publish a yearbook that is available for purchase in the spring. If you have pictures of your children on the first days of school, in their Colt Spirit Wear, or engaging in academic activities, I encourage you to email them to me at and we'll save them for our yearbook!

This Week's Most Important Thing - Mindfulness Corner!

Our amazing school psychologist has put together a digital space to help parents and students find a space to relax when needed.

You can find our calming room on our website ( under the "Parents" tab, and "Supporting your Student" sub-tab. You can find it here, and in the future, you can get there quickly by looking for the picture of the lights on our website on the right side. Check it out and find a tool that works for you!

This week, we have a new article that defines mindfulness and introduces a technique called 'flower breathing.' Check out the whole article here. Here are some quick directions to incorporate flower breathing into your toolkit:

Flower Breathing:

With eyes closed, imagine smelling a beautiful flower.

Breathing in slowly, fill your body with freshness.

Breathing out slowly, notice how your body feels.

Recorded Google Meetings

Teachers may record their Google Meets for the sole purpose of creating instructional resources for students/families. Any recorded Meets will be housed within our secured systems (through Google Classroom) and will only be accessible to students via these systems using their passwords.

If you do not want your child's face in these secure recordings, please let your teacher know ASAP and your child's teacher ask your child to disable their videos during recordings. Please be sure your child knows that you have requested them to be excluded from recorded video so they aren't confused.

Also, please know know that if a student uses a Google Meet recording for any reason other than supporting their learning that they will be subject to disciplinary action. Students are to view the recordings from their secure location and are not to remove any portion of the recordings from Google Classroom (i.e. copy the link and share it outside of Classroom) for any reason!

If you made a notation on your emergency card that you do not want your child's photo used at school, we will follow up with you to see if/how you want that notation applied. In the meantime, please be sure to communicate your preferences to your teacher!

Back to School Night - Virtually Styled

Thank you for watching your teacher's virtual Back to School Night last Tuesday. All teachers have been asked to host one hour of virtual Q&A for parents sometime during the week of 8/18-8/27. Some hosted their open time last week, and some will host it this week.

Our team is always happy to answer your questions. Please give us 24 hours to respond to emails you send - our team is busy teaching, preparing lessons and troubleshooting tech, but we do check our emails daily and respond as soon as we are able.

STAR Enrollment

We have a wonderful on site care program called STAR. They will be open on our campus from 7:00am-5:30pm and enrollment is open now!

STAR will assist students with logging into their synchronous (live) learning time and completing their asynchronous (independent) work as well. Please see their FAQ's for more information

Click here to enroll. Please direct any questions to STAR directly - there is a contact form in their FAQ linked above.

Non-School Days & District Calendar Links


Mon., 9/7: Labor Day / no school

Fri., 10/2-Mon., 10/5: Fall Break / no school

Mon., 11/2: District Professional Development / no school

Wed., 11/11: Veteran's Day / no school

Mon., 11/16-Fri., 11/20: Conference Week (watch for details in late October!)

Mon., 11/23-Fri., 11/27: Thanksgiving Break / no school

Mon., 12/21-Mon., 1/4: Winter Break / no school

Mon., 1/18: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day / no school

Fri., 2/12-Mon., 2/15: Mini February Break / no school

Fri., 3/26: Public Safety (PS) Day*

Mon., 3/29-Fri., 4/2: Spring Break / no school

Mon., 4/5: Public Safety (PS) Day*

Mon., 5/31: Memorial Day / no school

Fri., 6/11: Last Day of School

*Fri., 3/26 and Mon., 4/5 are Public Safety (PS) Days - PS days are non student and non teacher word days unless they are needed as make-up days for prior Public Safety closures (smoke, power outages, etc...)


You can find the district calendars for 2020-21 and 2021-22 here.

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