Child Labor

19th Century (Industrial Revolution) By: Matthew Hyatt


This kid is hard at work during the Industrial Revolution

Jobs Children Did In Factories

  • Street Cleaner is the most common outdoor job. They had to sweep the mud and horse manure off the roads for people passing by
  • A human scarecrow was another one. Famers would hire them to chase away bids that would harm their crops
  • Match Dippers was one that was one of the most dangerous in my opinion. They dipped every match into a gas knowned as phosphorus. If you inhaled to much of that it would severely damage your lungs and could kill you.
  • Mine trappers were children who opened up a Door when they saw mine carts coming. This may seem not that hard but think of the little kids trying to move a big door all day long. Gets tiring.

Hours, Foods, and Working Conditions

  • Kids worked 10-14 Hours a day for 6 days a week. Some stronger kids worked 19 hours a day.
  • The equipment used in the factories would cause several injuries and deaths a year. If the kids fell asleep while working the risk of getting hurt is greater.
  • If the kids did something slightly wrong they would get beaten for it. Kids should definitely not get beat for working.
  • The food they ate was Oatcakes, Porridge, Bread and Soups, Bacon, Potatoes, Beer, and tea. I dont think kidsa should be drinking beer.

Accidents That Have Happened

  • One girl got her skirt caught and the shaft came down on her and basicly impounded her. Ever bone was crushed
  • Boy fell asleep and was drug by machine and was cut up into many pieces
  • The most common injuries was losing a limb.
  • On some occasions some kids from where they have worked so hard that they have just fell over dead.


  • Spanking
  • No Food
  • Put out in street
  • Time Out

Efforts to stop Child Labor

They started making Groups to Stop Child Labor

The Government started taking action

They passed a law stating that you cant work children especially at the rate they were working them