What I want for Christmas

My art v.s. The art I want it to be

I want to have an manga art colors set for Christmas. I mean they are long lasting have various colors good quality and fun to use. The cons aren't even worth mentioning because there are none. I am tired of using fat crayons that dull easily and can't be sharpened easily. Instead I'd rather have something that can help me express the emotions I feel when drawing certain pictures like hatred, loneliness or happiness. Everyone else can be happy on Christmas why can't I?
If you love me you will get me these. Everyone can be happy on Christmas especially if they get the right present. If everyone can make each other happy with just a present then why can't you make me happy by giving me manga art colors? I make expressions when I draw certain things but give me some bright colored manga art colors and I will make every single drawing a rainbow glittery happiness trail.

Some expressions I have made that I can change if I get these colors


If you really love me by now you should know what I want for Christmas if not I will slap you upside the head. Now you should take that love put it to your money and have it put that love towards an manga art set right about now. Knock your selfs out and make me happy on Christmas. If you want me to excel in happiness and art get me this one thing. (If you live me that is).