Children in the Favela of Rio

by: Jseph Sacramento


MY injustice is about children live in the favela of Rio de Jeneiro. A favela is like a major city in Rio mainly for the lower class or poor. A good example is the movie "Rio"
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This injustice effects everyone who live in it but mostly want to focus on the kids. The favela effects them because many of them don't have food or homes to live in. Some of the kids don't even have parents which leads them into bad things like drugs and gangs. There is plenty of those types of things in the favela.


I feel like a monument is deserved because no child should have too live in that environment. When I visited Brazil I saw many homeless kids and I know much of what goes on in the favela. Favelas are so dangerous to the point that bullet proof walls are in between the favela and highway to keep drivers from being shot. Its extremely sad knowing that kids have t live so close to those occurring events. I'm aware that there are even homeless kids in America but I specifically focused on the favela because I feel like kids in there are so much closer to guns, gangs, and drugs.


I would like to place this monument in the big city of Rio. The reason being is that the big city is where all the rich people live and maby if they saw this it would encourage them to try and make a difference. Also Rio is a big tourist attraction so many tourists will see it and want to possibly donate money to help fix the problem.


My hope is that people will see and want to dedicate themselves too getting the kids out of the favela. Hopefully the government will see what a big deal this is This is for the better of Brazil's next generation. Either the favelas need to get fixed or just get the kids out of those living conditions.