Arranged Marriages & Censorship

Arranged Marriage


  • Divorce rate is only 3% in India where arranged marriages are normal.
  • Parents arrange the marriage for you.
  • Divorce is unthinkable because your family gets upset or mad because they arranged the marriage for you and you don't like it.
  • You get support financially and emotionally from your spouse and their family.


  • Spouses were killing each other for dowry.
  • Arranged marriage couples are criticized for having a weak will and not capable of making their own decisions.
  • Not able to get to know your spouse until after marriage.
  • Might not like the person because somebody else arranged you to marry them and they had their own interests in mind.


Censorship Around the World:

  • Chinese Government polices Facebook accounts.
  • Government reads text messages and listens to phone calls.
  • Syrian government banned iPhone because of constant flow of images and videos.
  • In Egypt bloggers were arrested for speaking out against the government.
  • In Iran people are prohibited from using Google.
  • Australia has blocked 500 sites from the citizens.