Kindergarten Connection

Ms. Solmson's Weekly Newsletter

December 14th - December 18th


We had a great week wrapping up Hanukkah! In literacy we continued practicing our comprehension skills by comparing and contrasting different stories and characters. We loved reading My Two Grandmothers and discussing our own family traditions. We found that Grammy Lane and Bubbe Silver were very different, but also had a few things in common. We then read Engineer Ari and the Hanukkah Mishap. We knew Engineer Ari from the beginning of the year when we read Engineer Ari and the Rosh Hashannah Ride and Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express. It was interesting to compare and contrast three stories instead of our usual two! All three of these stories had the same characters, but each taught us about a different Jewish holiday. On Thursday, we read Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins. We loved this book and had so much fun imagining our own Hanukkah goblins.

We thought it was so much singing our way through our poem of the week, "Twinkle Twinkle Chanukah Lights. Then we loved cutting apart the poem word by word and putting it back together.

In Literacy Centers we enjoyed "games galore" week by playing such games as Fiddlesticks, Word Family Popcorn and Magic e Crazy Eights


This week in Math we started working in our Problem Solving journals! We had so much fun using our problem solving math skills. We also had the opportunity to play a game with Ms. Lemke called "Sequence" and play "Marble Math" on the iPads. Math was so fun this week!

Writing Workshop

In Writing Workshop this week we continued working on our "How To's". We each got a bottle of bubbles and walked through every step to successfully blow a bubble. We remembered to use important words like first, next, then, last. Everyone did such a great job being very specific in their steps and drawing beautiful pictures.

Dunwoody Springs

We loved being able to go across the street again to watch our new friends at Dunwoody Springs perform in their winter concert. They did such an amazing job and we even got a shout out when they sang about Hanukkah! We can't wait to continue our new friendship.


Hello Kindergarten Parents!

I have enjoyed meeting and making Art with your child this first half of the 2015-16 school year. We have discussed Picasso and Matisse, Klimt and Klee, Cezanne and Magritte ,Sendak and Eric Carle and Shel Silverstein, to name a few. We referenced geography and music ,books and poetry. I brought in live goldfish and painted outside on a lovely Autumn Day. We draw with scissors, paint with watercolor ,tempera. and acrylic, We made clay pieces and printed apples, learned one point and two point perspective and line drawings.We have had fun! We will continue in this same vein learning about Van Gogh, Monet, Frida Kahlo ,Diego Rivera and more! We will continue to build on the previous artists work and incorporate personal experiences with those I have learned about.

Thank you for the Hannukah gifts!

I look forward to the New Year 2016, teaching and sharing Art Experiences!

Happy Winter Break!


Sylvia Cross

Thank You's!

Thank you to the Fuerst family for being our Family of the Week and to Kevin Brown for being our Mystery Reader. Thank you to Jessica Levi and Heather Rifkin for helping during centers.

Upcoming Dates

-December 21-January 1: Winter Break

-January 18: MLK Day No School