Africa: the place to be!

Four different features in Africa.


Sahel's a Semi-Arid region in the north-western part of Africa. Since it located near the Sahara desert and the Savannas you will feel happily comfy and warm even in the winter at the one and only Sahel. If you love farms and ranches then the Sahel is the place for you. Because it is in the perfect climate the Sahel is the place to be if you have cattle.If you're from a wet and humid place and you're sick of it, it's dry and warm here!
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The Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands are located in the western Ethiopian plateau.Imagine tons of miles of valleys and mountains in the background.When you look down from the hill you are camped you see a beautiful river and when you trace the river upstream, you will see the most beautiful lake Tana.Doesn't that sound like the best place to be right about now? come to The Ethiopian highland and experience the one in a lifetime sight of Africa.
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Madagascar;warning! Not inhabited by crazy psychotic lemurs named king julian or lions named alex! But there are many more things to get you interested,like the fact it's in the indian ocean and it's a tropical paradise of highland plateau.And the fact it's the fourth largest Island in the world.Even though it it has lagoons and forests, it surprisingly is very agricultural.Whether to visit or live, Madagascar is a must.
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Kalahari Desert

Sick of the cold and wet? Come to the Kalahari Desert where it's always hot and dry! Ever seen red sand and touched the red sand? It's like nothing else.and if you go to the Kalahari, you'll see 100,000 miles of the red sand! The desert isn't the best for agriculture but in some areas farming is possible!
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