Update on 4th Quarter Learning

23 February 2021

Dear Civano Families,

Earlier today, Superintendent John Carruth shared an email with families stating that Vail elementary schools would be moving to five (5) days per week following Spring Break.

Because Civano has K-8 students and because we have a significant number of students learning via Brick-to-Click, we will NOT be making the transition to five days a week. At this time, we plan to maintain our Monday - Thursday in-person schedule with school hours from 8:30am - 2:00pm daily. Friday will remain a remote learning day for all K-8 students.

We are taking other steps to move toward a more typical school environment. We are encouraging students to return to on-campus learning and only encourage B2C learning for families most at-risk. Our small class sizes across all grade levels allow us to gather safely, even if every child enrolled returns to campus. Most of our staff has been vaccinated or will be fully vaccinated within the next week. We continue to practice effective mitigation strategies of correct mask-wearing, physical distancing, frequent and consistent hand-washing, building sanitization, and staying home when unexplained COVID symptoms surface.

As shared in last week's newsletter, if you wish for your child to return to in-person Hybrid learning, please contact me via phone or email by the Wednesday of the week prior to returning. Students may return on any Monday, as long as you have contacted me and I have confirmed your return date.

I am available if you have questions -- please call my office phone at 878-1718 or email me at crainl@vailschooldistrict.org.