The Discreet Life of Walter Mitty

Grant Smith

In "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" daydreaming is used as a text structure to define Walter Mitty in many ways.

First, Walter Mitty did not stand up for himself.

People would constantly make fun of him. He would not tell them to stop or do anything about it. Walter Mitty was constantly getting bullied because he was different. He would not change anything about the problem.
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Second, Walter Mitty has an active imagination.

During work he would zone out and have daydreams. He often imagines himself as a hero who accomplishes extraordinary things. His mind would constantly be thinking of marvelous adventures and unique activities.
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Third, Walter Mitty is very shy.

He is very quiet and withdrawn. Mitty does not make much communication with anyone. He often tries to escape reality and pretend that he is not shy in his mind.

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In conclusion, as a text structure, daydreaming is used to define Walter Mitty in a miraculous amount of ways.