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Breaking news in the FAYZ

All adults and kids who are fifteen and older have disappeared all of a sudden. No one knows why. Animals have started to mutant and kids have started to have powers. Like how Sam Temple has the power to shoot people with a green flame out of his hands, and how Lana Arwen Lazar has the power to heal people, but in a tragic disaster had kill them both.

Thanks giving dinner

Wednesday, Nov. 12th 2014 at 12am

the FAYZ at the coates academy

Come one come all to the Fayz dinner. all proceeds go to Albert's McDonald's.


Mary's day care

Thursday, May 7th, 12am

FAYZ frist avenue

Have you found a kid without anyone to take care of them?, then drop them off at Mary's day care. Volunteers are welcome.


Sam Temple

Sam Temple was born on November 22, 2000. He had died on December 8, 2014 because of his own power had hurt him at age 15. He had gone to a school near Perdido beach. He was in grade 9, but was going into grade 10. Father, Tegan Smith, Mother, Connie temple they had both disappeared. Friends were Quinn, Astrid, Lana, Edilio, and brother, Caine. He lives on the corner of Ocean boulevard. He will be buried behind the Church with the others.

Lana Arwen Lazar

Lana Lazar was born on December 13, 2000. she died on November 29, 2014 because she got into another tragic car crash at age 14. She had gone to a school near Perdido beach. she was in grade 9. father and mother had disappeared but she did have her grandfather Luke who was looking after her when he disappeared. Friends were Tony, Astird, Sam, Edilio, and dog Patrick. She lived with her grandpa like at the time near Hermit Jim's shack and the gold mine. She will be buried behind they Church next to her friends.