Reward: Pizza


My monster's name is Brayden Cage. He is a pretty selfish monster. He looks sweet and dandy. He smells like pepperoni pizza because he eats it all the time. Brayden Cage is blue and has awesome hair and has no feet. Since he has no feet, he has to slither around. When he talks in his monster voice, he sounds like a dying bird. His normal voice sounds like Darth Vader.

Story about the Beloved Brayden Cage

He got in trouble all the time at school. Nobody wanted to sit by him or play with him. His mom requested for him to see the school counselor. The counselor said he could break anything that he wanted. On his way back to class he went to the bathroom. Brayden Cage accidently went to the girls bathroom. A girl screamed so loud that he ran away. He found his way safely back to class.