AP Stat Sub Work

No Teacher!?!? What ever will we do?

Sorry I'm not here

Hi Children! Sorry I'm not in class today for whatever reason, but never fear, your learning activities are HERE! Go to the link and complete the activity on it. You will probably need a partner or two and may need to talk to other members of the class to get information from them to complete the problems.

Another Option

Another option is here. Remember to discuss your information and insights thoroughly and within context. Create your own topics, collect unique data and display your it accurately. Don't loose points because you failed to label an axis! Don't worry about the due dates listed on the project, the point values for grading, or the information about submitting a draft. The project is due the day after I return to school.

The three items below are also options which are more aligned to the AP questioning on the exam you will see in May.

Get the above information from the Substitute Teacher. These are paper copies. Please do not write on the exams, but use the provided answer sheet and scrap paper instead.

Contact Ms Anderson

If you guys have any questions write them down and we will discuss them later. I would say to email me, but I'm assuming I'm sick or otherwise unable to respond quickly due to emergency....which means I probably won't be answering emails or phone calls, so we'll just discuss when I return.
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FYI: All subwork completed correctly will count as extra credit percentage points towards your final grade. Points will be determined by quality of work, and difficulty of assignment.