Last Bright Lights of the Year

Thank you for making it one to remember!

One Constant

Sitting here reflecting upon the year, I find one constant that keeps coming into my mind. It is that the children in our school continue to perform and grow in their academic, social, artistic, and physical skills. These skills stem from the practice of strategies that are taught and reinforced by our terrific faculty and staff. We hope that these skills become automatic and can be transferred into all different kinds of situations.

Learning Spaces

Our recently renovated library became the highlight of of our school's place to learn. The openness and variety of locations to stretch out to read and learn was truly enjoyed by all of the children. Your generosity in supporting the PTO and the matching funds of the school board made this marvelous area of our school possible. The design fit our student population perfectly. Thanks to all who committed time, energy, and imagination to our library.

Ready Set go!

Next year brings some changes in our school: physically, in our curriculum, and with our staff. Changes in the improved accessibility playground, changes with the new math curriculum, the new maker space (which will replace our current computer lab), third grade rooms makeover (carpet and paint), and staff members in new grade levels will have us paying attention to all of the possibilities before us. Moving from good to great takes energy and commitment, and sometimes change is the agent which makes this happen.

Mike Budisch

My deepest gratitude and appreciation for the terrific support and assistance over the course of the year. These wonderul actions came in so many forms that are absolutely priceless and too numerous to list here. You know who you are who bring energy and commitment to our kids, our staff, our entire school community. You are not taken for granted in fact your value is off of the charts. I am hopeful that our school can be a reflection of your hopes and dreams for your children. May you all have a safe and very enjoyable summer.