4H is all about November

By Emily, Ava, and Mary

Peer Leaders

This month we started Peer Leader schedules and have been helping the younger kids at recess and lunch. This was a big difference because we had given up our recess to help them. We stayed in from recess also to put up the bulletin board. I am having a lot of fun being a peer leader. All the teachers love the turkeys on the bulletin board. We had have so much fun helping with the 1st and 2nd graders and we wish we could do it more with them!


  • In this math unit we are learning about decimals and learned how to add and subtract decimals. We are also learning about comparing decimals. We also learned about where and when they are used. 4H put decimals in the metric system of measuring. We measured bugs to! We loved this unit it was one of our favorite units that we hope to learn more about them. We put decimals in millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

Boxes and Bullets

This writing unit is so fun and we get to do boxes and bullets. Boxes and bullets is when you have a thesis statement. Then you need to collect 3 reasons to prove why that statement is true. After your three reasons you need to find 3 pieces of evidence about each reason. You also need to have 2 mini stories about each reason. So adding up you should have 5 pieces of evidence for each reason. I know it sounds really hard but it is very fun! Some topics are about Don't go to McDonald or Dogs are the best animals or even I love dancing. You can have mostly any topic but you need the evidence to support it. That is what we learned.

Plenty of Projects

This month we have been assigned a science project and a heritage project. For the science project we had to do either a mineral museum, salt crystal growing, mineral graphs, or transmissivity display. The salt crystals were really cool to see, people had to grow the crystals in a jar on a string. For the heritage project we had to do either an imovie, a play, a video, or a poster about our heritage and what countries our ancestors came from. It was very cool that we got to learn about other people's heritage.

Our awesome field trip

The field trip we took was to Borough Hall and the reason we went there was because we were learning about government in our Social Studies unit. We walked there and once we got inside we talked about what Borough Hall does. Then we learned about police men and all the tools they use. Then we saw the police car but it started raining so we went in and learned about bills, taxes, birth and death certificates. Then we had a fake meeting. The whole field trip was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!