What is Science?

By:Allyson Phan

What is Science?

Science is a way of learning about the natural world and knowledge gained through the process.

vocab. words

Scientific Theory- a well tested scientific concept that explains a wide range of observation

hypothesis- a possible explanation for a set of observations or answer to a scientific question.

Key Idea

As scientists seek to understand the natural the natural world, they use skills such as observing, inferring, and predicting

4 parts of Earth

key Idea

the Earth system has four main parts

Earth's Layers

  • Atmosphere-outermost, mixture of gases
  • Hydrosphere-water,ice,oceans,lakes,rivers
  • Lithosphere-solid,rocky,outer layer. Our continents, and smaller landmarks
  • Biosphere-all living things extends into the other three

Exploring Earth's Surface 1-3

Key Idea

There are 3 main types of landforms. Plains,mountains, and plateaus

vocabulary words

map- a flat model of all of or part of Earth's surface as seen from above

scale-relates distance on a map used to stand for features on Earth's Surface

symbols-shapes/pictures on a map used to stand for features on Earth's surface

key- explains the symbols used on the map. Also called a legend

degree -distance around a circle

orienteering- it's like a race but you are looking for many end points

topographic map- shows surface features of an area

contour line- connects parts of equal elevation

Big image

Key Idea

the lines of latitude and longitude on a map form a grid that can be used to find any location on Earth

Safety in Lab

key idea

when any accident occurs, no matter how minor, notify your teacher immediatly
there are some more that I didn't want to list
Discovery Ed. Video

This is the dorky science video we watched in class. Enjoy! :-)