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First Quarter Wrap Up

It's Fall everyone or should I say yawl!! Finally, we can stop sweltering and the kids enjoy recess so much more when there is a little coolness in the air. The start of Fall also means that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the first quarter. The first quarter ends on October 18th and report cards for the first quarter will follow shortly after. Each quarter I look for patterns in how our students are performing and how they are growing as independent learners. Here are a few things to pay attention to as you work to support our child:

  • Attendance matters! When students are not here, they miss instruction. No completion of worksheet, workbook pages or online resources can replace the instruction they miss. They also miss out of learning with and from their peers when they are not absent. Make attendance a priority!
  • I've noticed a continuous flow of tardy students. If students could drive, I would address it with them, however since they are not there just yet, I need you to get them here on time. When students come in late, they are impacted by having to rush and it takes them time to settle down and be ready to start their day. We need students here by 7:35 a.m. This gives them five minutes to get out of the car and make it to their class by 7:40 a.m.
  • Lunch visits must be kept for special occasions. While we enjoy having parents come in to have lunch with their children from time to time, this should not be a daily occurrence. Lunch is a social time and children must learn how to interact with each other. When you come for lunch every day or very often, you take away those opportunities for your child to be independent and develop critical social skills.

Celebrating our Custodians

October 2nd was National Custodian day and we missed celebrating with our custodian team. Shhhhh..we are planning something for them and we'd like to invite you to celebrate them on October 18th. Over the next week I would like to invite you to send cards, notes, or small gifts/treats. Whatever you would like to share to say thank you. Our campus could not function without them. They are all amazing staff members and they work hard each day to make keep our building clean and safe and they also build positive relationship with our students and staff. We have a team of four team members(Mr. Roberto, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Brandy, and Ms. Susanna). Let's show them how much we appreciate them

Trying Somthing New in First and Second Grade..."Wise Time"

In first and second grade we are piloting a new structure called, "Wise Time." With such diverse learners, varied interest and talents, it can be difficult to make time for certain activities in the course of the regular classroom day. Frist and second grade teachers started yesterday, October 7th. This time is scheduled into the first 30 minutes or last 30 minutes of the school day. During Wise Time students are grouped and may see a different teacher other than their homeroom teacher. All activities are curriculum based, fun and engaging. We want teachers to be creative and venture outside the box of activities that they use during the regular classroom time. We believe the possibilities for Wise Time is endless and most of all we believe we can help our owls become wiser and more well-rounded. Once we complete our pilot in these grades, we will regroup and analyze the implementation to see if this is something to expand to other grades. It's important to note that no grades will be taken during "Wise Time," and absolutely no test will be given. We want to get back to the foundations that learning can be fun! Please feel free to reach out to me or Mrs. Gaines with any questions that you have. Also feel free to connect with your grade level teacher to find out how you might be able to lend your talents to Wise Time.

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