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Let's take a look at what we'll be talking about this week.

Living species!

Here, we figure out why things are living species. What makes something living? What do all these things have in common?

Living Species Start Day

Let's find out what this means for our students!

To start the week off we will jump right in to talking about the living creatures in our environments! Outside there are a large number or living species and we're gonna try to learn all about them! We will talk about how they look, what they do and where they live. We will talk about what makes something living different than anything else using a new set of words!

Field Trip!

Tuesday, Nov. 12th 2013 at 10:30pm

1 Hermann Museum Circle Drive

Houston, TX

We are headed off to the Museum of Natural Science to explore exactly what these creatures look like upfront! This is an amazing opportunity for families to come and see just what our students are learning. It only takes a few clicks online to join in and come with us!

Let's take a look at our subjects.

· Language Arts: Wednesday is our trip to the library as a group! Do you know what kind of book you'll be picking up?

· Math: The subtraction quiz we had was amazing! Counting by fives will be next!

· Visual Arts: Parents and guardians, you will soon get those drawings our students have been making for Turkey Day!

· Science: This Living Species Week will go as well as last week’s polar bear book reading!

· P.E.: Last week everyone was able to order gym clothes. Expect it in class by this Friday.

Life Cycle of Insects Unit Lesson 3 of 9