ENSC Weekly Notes - August 12, 2013

Welcome Back to School

Welcome to a new and soon to be exciting school year. I hope you had a wonderful summer and were able to find time to relax, be with family, do some leisurely reading, sit in the sun, and just plain "veg out" for a time. As you know, once the school year begins, there is little time for relaxation.

I was able to take about ten days off this summer to relax. Instead of taking a trip somewhere, we stayed home to do a little work on the house in preparation for a big event. Our family grew from five to six this summer as Zack got married July 27. He and Andrea planned a very nice, small wedding for our immediate families. It was a wonderful day and we are very proud and excited to have Andrea in our family. She is a wonderful person who takes good care of Zack (and keeps him in line when needed).

Thank You

Thank you to our maintenance staff and custodians. They worked very hard all summer to ensure your buildings are clean, have a safe environment, and are ready for students on Wednesday. Thank you to all of the teachers who spent many days at the central office and working with their peers to update curriculum, learn more about instructional strategies, and participate in the KTT3 Workshops. Also, thank you to the many teachers who led KTT3 Workshops. Your passion and dedication is much appreciated!

Common Core, ISTEP Results, and School Grades

  • Standards - While the state continues to discuss the future of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Indiana schools, we will continue to implement the CCSS into our curriculum. Superintendent Glenda Ritz does support the CCSS but has requested Indiana withdraw from the PARCC Assessment system. If the State continues the path of the CCSS, it appears, they will look for a different assessment system or developer.
  • ISTEP - As you have all read and heard, the online disruptions to ISTEP testing had no significant impact to overall results. This is according to the expert that was hired by the state. We will never know if, in fact, the disruptions had any kind of impact as we will never know how well students would have done if there were no disruptions.
  • School Grades - The last we heard, school grades may be released in November. This late date is due to the State School Board and Glenda Ritz analyzing the current system and making adjustments as needed.

Hero of the Week

Each week in the Weekly Notes, building administrators will be highlighting a "Hero of the Week." As in the past (Featured Staff Member of the Week), this will be someone from a building that is a hero and goes above and beyond to serve, protect, and put others ahead of him/herself.

Cookies/Treats Return

Apparently, the weekly cookies are missed. Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, the school with the best attendance was given a tray of cookies. About 2/3 of the way into last year, I stopped the delivery of cookies and tracking of attendance. However, I have learned that some of the schools are wanting the cookies returned. With that said, they will return! I will be asking the building secretaries (thank you ladies!!!) to submit their building's attendance for weeks that have five school days. The buildings with the best attendance for that five day week will receive a tray of cookies or another treat.

Teacher Evaluation and 2012-2013 Raises

The East Noble Teacher Evaluation committee will be meeting Thursday, August 15 to discuss some updates. Most importantly, your building committee representative needs your input. Any concerns you have should be passed along to that person for discussion on the 15th.

Your building principal may have shared with you, we will not be using ISTEP data as a part of the 2012-2013 evaluation. You will; however, need to have other data to present to your building administrator as they finalize your evaluation.

Once final evaluations for certified staff are received from building administrators, total "units" will be determined and your raise for 2013-2014 will be calculated. The funds will be provided to you in one check before December 31, 2013. By law, only certified staff receiving an "effective" or "highly effective" evaluation will receive funds.

My New Website

I have created my own website that is linked to the ENSC website. On this site, I will be periodically posting messages and Parent Notes. This will be in addition to my Twitter Accounts (@ENobleSchCorp and @)ALinsonEN). If you follow my website (a button on the site), you will be notified each time I add a new post. The site is: AnnLinson.com.

Have a wonderful first week back at school.