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A central american country

The capital of Panama is Panama city the famous sport is baseball, soccer, boxing ,and basketball the cuisine is salchichas used it for breakfast and the sancocho, rice, beef, pork and seafood

El estadio

Estadio Rommel Fernandez

he original name of the stadium was Estadio Revolución , but in 1993 changed its name to Rommel Fernandez Stadium in honor of Rommel Fernandez in a soccer

La iglesia

iglesia la merced

oThe church of La Merced is a Catholic temple located in the Old Town of Panama City. Initially it was in the first place of the city, today called Panama Viejo.

la piscina

Piscina de Albrook

The reverted areas of the Panama Canal correspond to the former Panama Canal Zone which was administered by the United States until the signing of the Panama Canal, contained in the Torrijos-Carter Treaties.

el parque

Metropolitan Natural Park

Metropolitan Natural Park is a park in Panama City, Panama. It is the only wildlife refuge in the city. Wildlife found in the park include bird species and Geoffroy's tamarin.

el cine

teatro naciona de panama

National Theatre of Panama is located in the old city of Panama, next to the church of San Francisco and the Plaza Bolivar. Its construction was ordered by Act 52 of 1904. The National Theatre is part of a cross-shaped building

Las montanas

Echandi Panama

Echandi is a mountain in bocas del toro provincia of western panama, on the border with Costa Rica. It is part of the Cordillera de Talamanca and reaches an elevation of 3,163 metres (10,377 ft).

El gimnasio

Power club

As owners of Cummins- and Cummins-Onan powered products you deserve the best support and service, whether driving down the road or running around your hometown. Cummins distributors know how important that there is water to swim and you can work out.

El lago

Lago alajuela

In early December 2010, the Panama Canal closed for only the third time in its 96-year history. Two artificial lakes linked to the canal, Gatún and Alajuela, reached their highest-recorded water levels, prompting authorities to close the canal for 17 hours on December 8-9. Lago Alajuela serves as a reservoir for the Panama Canal, which lies to the lake’s southwest.

El río

Río tuira

The Tuira River is located in the eastern Panama, It flows into the bay of san Miguel at the province capital of La Palma It is the largest river in Panama, and one of its tributaries, the ,chucunaque river, is the longest river in Panama.

El Restaurante

La vespa

Vespa scooters have been known for their painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine (enclosing the engine mechanism and concealing dirt or grease), a flat floorboard (providing foot protection), and a prominent front fairing (providing wind protection) into a structural unit.

la biblioteca

Biblioteca Nacional Ernesto J. Castillero R.

The National Library Ernest J. Castillero was created under the administration of Arnulfo Arias Madrid . The Organic Law of Education of 1941 authorized the Executive Branch to establish the National Library.

la escuela

stituto Bilingue Internacional De Panama

Intercultural bilingual education (EIB) or bilingual intercultural education (EBI) is a model of intercultural education where he taught simultaneously in two languages ​​in the context of two cultures different. This type of education can be implemented in various situations, such as when in a society there are two cultures and two languages ​​in contact, and when an institution is responsible for disseminating their culture outside its original area.

el museo

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

The Panamanian Institute of Art was founded in 1962 as a nonprofit institution dedicated to promoting Panamanian art. In 1983 it became the Museum of Contemporary Art, private organization funded by companies and art lovers. At its founding in 1962, the Panamanian Institute of Art (Panarte), worked in rented premises and, in addition to art exhibits, presented works of theater , concerts and films of renowned directors. Despite not having own facilities, he had numerous exhibitions of renowned Panamanian and Latin American artists, receiving grant a work of each exhibitor.

el supermercado

supermercado el rey de panama

There is an urban legend that have a few years ago, these lands were large pastures where the owners kept cattle. Workers complained that these paddocks were a dead leaves at dawn. And Jose Maria (owner) find out that such dead was an individual who was tied to a tree with a long rope, and there could float from one place to another frightening in this way passers poor, who frightened by the ghost, pulling down everything they brought in their hands; then "the dead" he is let go and pick up the spoils.

el campo

Plaza de Caisan

Plaza Caisán is a corregimiento in Renacimiento District, Chiriquí Province, Panama. It has a land area of 96.1 square kilometres and had a population of 2,901 as of 2010, giving it a population density of 30.2 inhabitants per square kilometre.