The Great Debate: You Choose!

Adams or Jefferson?

What I think my / reason for choosing Jefferson

The Great Debate Adams & Jefferson:U Choose

1) What types of people should rule?

The rich & educated should rule. Because they know what they are doing & know what they are doing.You wouldn't want a bum off the side of the road to be president. He would probably legalize a bunch of stuff that no one would need or would use.He would only legalize things for himself! Hello!Plus he doesn't Know what he is doing he would ruin us!

2)Do you support alien & sedition acts?Why or why not?

Uh uh uh uh NO! Its just makes it worse for other people because it goes against the very 1st amendment ! People cant say what they want & what they mean that doesn't go against the 1st amendment! It pushes back the dates that immigrants can be citizens (which makes them not want to come to the U.S.!)! All i have to say is GET RID OF IT BEFORE WE ALL DO!

3)what are 3 qualities or results you want most from a president?

He has to be honest & obviously cares about how we feel in the situation. Also he has to be trustworthy so we can trust he will keep his promises & not kicks us to the curb & turns his back on us! Plus he has to be smart because if we get a dumb,stupid president he will ruin us & we will end up dead from his stupidity. Finally he has to be like George Washington who sets examples for us.

The End! Thats my choice! Jefferson!

Thats what I think the real question is what do you think?

Here are the Runner Ups!!!!!!

OOOOO! I wonder who will win!!!!!!!