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Co-op for Special Services- Ballinger, Coleman & Winters ISD

2021 - 2022 School Year

Special Education, Mental Health, & Behavior Resources

UPDATE: 07/13/2021

Welcome Educators!

Summer is upon us. Be proud of what you accomplished this school year amidst all the challenges. As you rest and recharge, feel free to check back to refresh your skills and to access any needed training over the summer months.

The following topics are covered:

-Academic Supports

-Social/Emotional/Mental Health Supports


-Self-Care for Educators

We are here to support you, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for all you do for our students! (We are updating regularly, so please check back!)

Professional Development/Training Opportunities

MORE ADDED (5/26) Self-Paced and Live Training Webinars covering: mental health, emotional/behavioral, and evidence-based practices for students with special needs. Offered through Region 15 and other various sources.

Coop for Special Services Parent Resource Page


Feel free to share this resource with parents of children with special needs who are either learning online or in the classroom. Several great mental health, behavior, and academic resources.


The following resources can be utilized in conjunction with your students' IEPs in the classroom, or as a way to implement and supplement your students' education plans virtually.
NEW! Tiered Interventions Using Evidence Based Research

This site contains educational modules (some are still being developed), webinars and resources for academics, behavior, mental health, and more.

LID/AU Remote Instruction Supports

This Smore page, developed by Region 15 Education Specialist Brandi Mendoza, includes some neat ways to instruct and engage your students in a virtual format.

STAAR-ALT Guidance Video

Our SPED Director put together a video to go over qualifications for STAAR-Alt, instructional settings, and accountability.

Virtual Accommodations & Modifications

Help students utilize their IEP accommodations/modifications from home. Read text to students; Highlight areas of the screen for focus; Add colored overlays; Speech to text; Zoom the screen; and more (Google Chrome, iDevice, Microsoft, Word Online)

Strategies for Effective Online Learning

Helpful tips to increase attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion for students not in the typical classroom learning environment.

Credit: Jennifer McCloskey
Supplementary Curriculum

Supplementary curriculum for students with special needs

Special Education Info. and Support

What is the difference between accommodations and modifications? What are the roles of the gen. ed. teacher, sped. teacher, and paraprofessionals in the classroom? How do I grade the work of my students who receive specialized curriculum?

Special Education Support Cont'd

TEKS Vertical Alignment, IEP Q&A, Progress Monitoring, Easily track your students' IEP goals; Develop a master and individual schedules to meet all of your students' needs


As educators, it is our duty to take a comprehensive approach to our students' learning; this includes addressing their social and emotional needs. The following resources will help you to do just that both in the classroom and virtually.
Mental Health Considerations Amidst Reintegration

Texas School Safety Center - The documents in this toolkit address how mental health has been impacted by COVID-19 and mental health considerations for how to best support students, staff, and parents in the transition back to school.

Suicide & Mental Health Supports (NEW!)

Resources for teachers and their students covering a range of topics (i.e., suicide, depression, anxiety, abuse, and more)

Concho Valley Suicide Prevention Event Schedule 2021

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Controlling Your Anger

Tips for Students

Supporting your Students Emotionally

Activities, Videos, Books, and More

Growth Mindset (Inspiration)

A collection of images, videos, and links to spark learning from Lee Araoz

Universal (Tier 1) Mental Health Strategies

A focus on our students’ social and emotional learning and mental and behavioral health upon school re-entry.


We should anticipate that our students with special needs, especially those with emotional and behavioral needs, will experience increased difficulty regulating their emotions upon returning to school. The following resources will help you to prevent and navigate such conditions.
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Classroom Behavior Supports

Just to name a few...

Visual Schedules

Need visual schedules or routines for your classroom? We're more than happy to help. Visual schedules help to add predictability to your students' day, likely helping to improve behaviors. Visual schedules can benefit students at home, too.

Behavior Charts

Do your students need an extra boost of motivation? We can help you to create individualized behavior charts to help your students succeed both in the classroom and at home.

Social Stories

Social stories are a great way to help our students navigate certain situations, difficult times of the day, or to help improve specific behaviors they may be exhibiting in the classroom. We'd love to help create custom social stories for your students.

Click below for more options.

Classroom Behavior Support Ideas/Visuals

See something you want to try? Let us help. Contact Kristi Cook for assistance.

Behavior Management Strategies for Paraprofessionals

NEW!! Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) - 10 Behavior Management Strategies for Educational Assistants & Paraprofessionals

RTI Behavior Support Strategies

Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 Strategies for Specific Behaviors (Social Skills, Anger/Emotional Management, Impulse Control/Off-Task Behavior, Cognitive Flexibility/Anxiety, Non-Compliance/Task Refusal)

PBIS World

Strategies for Over 36 Different Behaviors

Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training (TSLAT)

List of all evidence based practices to improve behavioral and academic success, including steps for implementation in your classroom.

CPI - Verbal Intervention

Seven Principles for Effective Verbal Intervention

CPI - De-escalation

Top 10 De-escalation Tips

Anger Management

23 Calming Strategy Cards

NEW! All Things CPI

Co-op CPI Policies & Procedure; Restraint Documentation; Current Individual Certifications

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Physical Therapy with Ms. Ashley


Looking for some physical therapy activities for your students? Our very own occupational therapist, Ms. Ashley, has everything you need here on her Padlet! Find some of the best therapist-approved activities to help strengthen your students' core, or just help them to get up, be active and have fun in the classroom.

Occupational Therapy with Ms. Beth


An awesome website created by our very own occupational therapist, Mrs. Owens. Here, teachers can get some of the very best exercises, OT-related activities, and more, to help keep their students active in the classroom.

Self-Care for Educators

Let's face it- this year may get tough as we enter this uncharted territory. As educators, we will likely experience some frustration and anxiety along the way. Here are some tips to help you maintain your well-being so that we can properly care for our students.
Breathing for Self-Care

The best way to breathe (4 4 6 2)