Marcus Matters

February 15, 2016

Professional Learning: Innovation

Great deal of discussion and anxiety over us discussing our innovations on Monday. I am really looking forward to hearing about them. I hope we can celebrate and collaborate in a way which benefits each other as well as all our students. I tried to think of some innovations that I have done over the past few years.

1. Tweets-I knew nothing about these. I had someone come meet with me to help me develop @shaffermang and what it meant to #. I will tell you that it took me forever to understand #. My first one was recognizing one group in our school, and I was written so many times on why I did not say anything about other groups. It made me almost give up tweets forever. I then started just focusing on the kids, and tweets @shaffermang went crazy. I certainly helped by falling on the ice and being named Prairie Gary. I now have 1955 followers, and I think it has a positive impact on this school.

2. Marcus Matters-I wanted to be better at communicating with the staff at Marcus. I think my first one had so many grammatical mistakes in it, that several well-meaning staff members helped me correct it. I started sending my newsletter to them prior to emailing it out to the rest of the school. Rebecca Clark then took over and used it to address Professional Learning. Then I stumbled across, and I liked the format so that I could once again talk about the positives about this school as well as areas we could all grow. Is it perfect? I don't think so, but my goal is to continue to grow and publish even better newsletters in the years to come.

3. For this year, I wanted to develop a program that would put a positive light on our students. I spoke with our counselors and they developed the Ambassador Program. I can't take credit for the development of this program, but I do believe that I helped spark the discussion. Lindsay Biggs, Gina Karbs, Kim Sartor, and Kelly Young were the innovators; our new students as well as guest to this school are going to reap the rewards of this great program.

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Marcus High School Ambassadors

This is one innovation that will make a difference for our school. Your innovation can possibly do the same thing. Maybe because we discuss it, it can make a difference in someone else's classroom as well.