Act 2 Romeo and Juliet

Act 2 Scene 1- Looking for Romeo

Romeo Mercutio, and Benvolio are leaving the party. Romeo ditches Mercutio and Benvolio to go see Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio begin looking for Romeo. Mercutio teases Romeo for his lovesickness for Rosaline. They haven’t figured out that Romeo is in love with Juliet.

Act 2 Scene 2- Romeo and Juliet confess their love

The scene starts with Romeo comparing Juliet to the sun and stars while he confesses his love to her. Juliet is asking Romeo what a name is. She says it’s not a arm, foot, or a face.Juliet then confesses that if Romeo doesn’t change his name, then she will stop being a Capulet as long as he confesses his love to her. Juliet also says that Romeo’s name is her only enemy. At the end of the scene they both promise that they will get married despite their families being enemies.

Act 2 Scene 3- The Approval from Friar Lawrence

The scene starts with Friar Lawrence carrying a basket full of herbs. Then, Romeo enters the orchard and begins to talk to Friar Lawrence. Friar asks Romeo where he has been and if he has been with Rosaline. Romeo tells Friar no and that he has forgotten about Rosaline. He tells Friar that he was with Juliet and that he loves her. Romeo asks Friar is he will marry the two of them. Friar agrees to marry them thinking that it will end the feud between families.

Act 2 Scene 4- Mocking Romeo

The scene begins with Benvolio and Mercutio wondering where Romeo could be. Mercutio starts to make fun of Romeo when they see him. Mercutio is calling him skinny because he doesn’t have Rosaline. The nurse enters to ask Romeo if we will marry Juliet. Romeo tells the nurse that he will marry Juliet.

Act 2 Scene 5- Nervous Juliet

The scene opens with Juliet worrying because the nurse hasn’t returned with the news from Romeo. The Nurse finally returns but she doesn’t tell Juliet the news right away. The Nurse waits to tell Juliet. First, she tells Peter to wait outside. Then, she begins to tell Juliet then she will start talking about something else. When the Nurse finally tells Juliet the news, she informs her that the wedding is starting now.

Act 2 Scene 6- The Wedding

The scene begins with Friar Lawrence giving opening statements at the wedding. Then, Romeo gives his statements. When Romeo is done talking. Juliet runs in and embraces Romeo. Romeo then tells Juliet how happy he is to be marrying her. The scene ends with Friar Lawrence telling Romeo and Juliet that he’s not going to let the two of be alone until they are untitled in marriage.