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Rhythm Cat

Rhythm Cat helps children learn to read rhythms. The app has a variety of rhythms and tempos. Levels progress in difficulty as user improves.

This app could be used by students at home to improve their rhythmic understanding and accuracy. Usually practice has to done in the classroom, because the student needs a live person to clap the rhythm or play the rhythm on one note of an instrument to verify the accuracy of what the student is clapping. With Rhythm Cat, the student receives auditory feedback in real time without a live person guiding the practice.

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Rhythm Cat App Review

Molecules App

The molecule app allows molecules to be represented in 3D. The molecules can be manipulated by moving your fingers across the display. The molecule can be zoomed in or out on by using pinching gestures, and rotated by moving two fingers across the screen at once. The atoms in the molecule are colour coded.

Atom arrangement in molecules is a difficult concept to grasp with only 2D representations on paper. This app would be beneficial in the classroom for high school chemistry. It could be used by the teacher to show how atoms share/exchange electrons for bonding and how the shape of the molecule is dependant on how atoms are coming together.

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Molecules App Review

Graphing Calculator App

This a free app that can replace the expensive graphing calculators students were required to buy in the class for high school math.

This app can be used by students to graph implicit functions, slopes, roots. It can be used to solve polynomial equations, matrices, and solve derivatives. This app can be used anywhere graphing calculators were used in the past.

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Kids First Words With Phonics app

App that helps children learn to read and spell. The app shows the students a picture and reads the word to them. The student them drags and drops letters to spell the word.

The app could be used during class when students are given spelling words to practice. The students can use headphones so as not to interfere with each other. Having the students hear the audio would be beneficial for auditory learners. Preferences could be set for individual students. For example for weaker students in spelling, the student could be shown how long the word is and hints could be given for practice. This seems like a much better way of practicing spelling in the class than what I received, which was spelling each word ten times.

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Alphabet learning to read kids words outside phonics
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Math Magic app

Math Magic is an app that helps students practice basic math. It features addition, subtraction and multiplication. The app uses positive reinforcement when the correct answer is picked by having a voice congratulate the choice. The app appeals to the kinesthetic student by requiring the device to be shaken to move onto the next problem.

Math Magic is an app that can engage kids while they are killing time anyways, such as in the car or waiting in a restaurant. It's a good way for students to practice their skills frequently for short periods of time.

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