The itsy bitsy spider went up...

March 31-April 4

Dear Parents,

This week we are still learning about pipes. They have been using water and different pipes to explore what happens when they put water in each pipe. They have also collected the straws of their juices and we have washed them and used them as connectors as well as play-dough. This Wednesday we had another cooking class with Mrs. Daniela, Marina's mother. She came and did chocolate chip cookies and they LOVED them!!

I am also sharing some videos that you can watch with your children at home. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the videos!

Loving our job!

Best regards,

Ms. Maria and Mrs. Jeanette

Exploring with pipes and water!

Can you use straws as connectors?

Building more pipes and houses!

The itsy bitsy spider... IN THE MAKING!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sing along at home!

Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme - Classic Nursery Rhymes Learning for Kids

Learning Rhyming words!

Itsy Bitsy Spider Time and More! - Learn to Rhyme - Kids Video and Songs

Cooking class

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

They helped adding the ingredients and counting how many butter teaspoons we needed.

They also helped making small balls

Letters, numbers, puzzles and PLAY!


Dear Parents,

We need your help! Earth Day is April 22nd and we want to make an impact in your child's life. We want them to learn the importance of taking care of the environment by planting trees, recycling, reusing material and reduce their carbon footprint.

Any recycle material is welcome!

Also if you have any ideas of how we can get seeds to go and plant them. Seeds for flowers or trees would be amazing!

If any parent wants to come in and share a story/video/pictures related to Earth Day we would love to have you come in and get involved!

Earth Day 2014: Green Cities
Playworld Systems Green Action