Rio de janeiro,Brazil

A wonderful place


In Brazil they eat milk,coffee,bread,and jam for breakfast for lunch/dinner they would prefer to go to a restaurants and they'll eat a lighter coffee bread,cheese and cold cuts for dinner. Brazilians wear many different types of clothing they wear western style clothes the woman wear skirts,turbans,shawls, and braclets. The guys wear baggy trousers ,felt hats, and ponchos. In Brazil they dance the dances their are called the samba and the bossa nova. The language spoken in Rio is Portuguese 90% percent of Brazilians are Roman Catholic. Some holidays they celebrate are New Years,Easter, and Christmas. Brazils culture is awesome.


In Brazil there are many famous soccer players like Neymar Jr. . On October 26,1917 Brazil declared war on Germany and Brazil joined the world war on the side of the allied powers. Before the declaration of war a u-boat took out a Brazilian merchant boat called the Parana. Brazil then signed a 200 page treaty.



Some sports played in Rio are soccer,foot volley, and motor sports which are very popular.


In Brazil there are many landmarks to see like Christ the Redeemer which a big statue of Jesus. Sugarloaf Mountain is a nice site to see which it also has a cart hooked to a cable which you can ride so you can see like a birds eye view of the mountain. There are also rivers and lakes that stretch for miles like the Lagoa lake and the Acari river.


The temperature in Rio is always high but in April and August are the most wet and cold months. The best time to go to Rio is in December and March when it is warm and sunny. Natural disaster in Rio are floods and mudslides.