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All School Franklin Academy Update for June 8 - June 12

Congratulations to our 2020 8th Grade Graduates!

Intentional Learning Continues!

2nd Grade STEM Projects

Mrs. L and Mrs. Schmidt have assigned several STEM projects to their second grade classes as learning opportunities. Similar to the STEM activities implemented in the regular classroom, students are encouraged to engineer structures using various recycled materials they have available at home. This week, students created roller coasters! Great job second graders!

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Learn the Names of Their Favorite Foods in Spanish!

Sra. Smith, one of our Spanish Specialists, taught Kindergarten, First and Second Grade the names of their favorite foods. Below is the video she made for 2nd grade.

She had her students practice pronouncing the words with her in the video. Then she had each student create a drawing of their favorite foods, or meals. They practiced writing some Spanish food words.

Here are some samples of their work!

Great Job Students!

Spanish Specialist, Sra. Smith teaches grade 2 food names in Spanish!

Welcome to "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron!"

Hello students, parents, and staff of Franklin Academy!

This is our final week of school. Wow! Thank you so much for welcoming me this year as your chaplain. It has been a very life giving experience. Thank you for your hospitality to me and one another. Thank you for the way you listened to dialog together. I look forward to seeing most of you this fall, after our summer break. Congrats to our graduating 8th graders! Well done.

This is the last "Deep Thoughts with Chaplain Aaron" of this school year. So as we prepare to dive into summer, our topic is "Love for Others." Our discussion question of the week is, "What are 10 ways we can help those around us?" And, our SUMMER service challenge is to commit to do 1 or 2 things every week to help someone.

Have a great summer!


Franklin June 7
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School is Out - What's Next?

Summer Learning for Fun

The school year is winding down. Once you put down the textbooks, you may want to continue a

learning routine. Even if your schedule is more flexible, it gives some structure to the day helping you keep your sanity. Together, with your children, brainstorm and make clear expectations of what they will do throughout the day. Try setting up weekly challenges so they have small, achievable goals that reset frequently. Maybe you will continue to work on subjects where your child still needs mastery or areas of weakness that could be further strengthened.

Here’s an idea for a fun, summer, family project. A little creativity can help you teach your children about world cultures in a way that will enrich their awareness of other people’s traditions and ways of life.

Choose one country to study from each of the 7 continents. You might want to start with a country your family ancestors immigrated from.

Some ideas to explore:

 Print a world map and put pushpins in the countries you study.

 How would I travel from my home to that country?

 Bordering countries.

 Learn words from the official language.

 Make crafts from that country. Examples: Spain – maracas, Japan – origami, Shodo


 Taste authentic food you could cook together. Examples: Ramen noodles – Asia, Tamales -

Mexico, Fish ‘n Chips – UK.

 Watch a traditional sporting event.

 Learn how to play a game from that country.

 Cultural etiquette.

 Find a pen pal in that country.

 How does their clothing differ? Make a costume.

 Make their flag.

 Watch a travel documentary.

 How do they make a living?

 Imports and exports.

 Learn about the country’s animals.

 What money do they use and what is the exchange rate to our dollar?

 Entertainment and Fun Activities

 Education

 American restaurants there? McDonalds, Starbucks?

 Music and musical instruments.

 Transportation.

 Type of government.

 The continent of Antarctica would be a unique study with only colonies of penguins. Eat ice

cream and watch “Happy Feet.”

 Holidays


Language video tutorials online

Travel Guides

National Geographic’s “Find People and Places”

Time for Kids “Around the World”

Scholastic’s Global Trek

The World Almanac for Kids

Middle School and High School Resources:

The CIA World Fact Book

The BBC’s Country Profiles

The U.S. Department of State

The Library of Congress “Portals to the World”

The World Health Organization

Karen Rabe

Reading Tutor & Consultant

A Sample of Fun Learning Videos!

Our wonderful teachers are sending out classwork to their individual classes and many are sharing their talents over YouTube! Enjoy a story, work on a science experiment with Mrs. Ho, art with Mrs. Richcreek, math lessons from Mr. Hedahl, or hone your recorder skills with Mrs. Snyder!
"The Three Little Superpigs Once Upon A Time" A read aloud with Mrs. Pickerill!
5 Enormous Dinosaurs, Story time with Mrs. Ho!
There Is a Bird on Your Head! A read aloud with Mrs. Owen!
Straw and Circle Airplanes with Mrs. Pickerill!
The Science behind the Straw & Circle Airplane Experiment
Nonsense Songs 1 with Mrs. Snyder our Music Specialist! - What a beautiful voice she has!
Sra. Smith sings "The Baby Chicks" In Spanish!
Mr. Gooey and The Erupting Volcano!
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Amazon Smile

If you shop at, this is a great opportunity to raise money for Franklin Academy. Sign up at Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your purchase price will go towards the FA Annual Fund. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Amazon Smile
  2. In the “pick your own charitable organization” box type in Franklin Preschool
  3. Click on the Bellingham Franklin Academy (may still be listed under St. Paul’s Episcopal School through the summer)
  4. Very Important! Please make sure whenever you shop on Amazon you go to the Amazon Smile webpage. If you shop on we won’t receive the donation.

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