First Battle of Bull Run

By Jake Vogt

Prelude to the Battle

After the battle of Fort Sumter, officials at Washington D.C. wanted a quick and decisive end to the war. General Irvin McDowell then lead 35,000 soldier to take Richmond(Confederate Capital). First he would have to take Manassas a town by Richmond.

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Bull Run

On the Confederate side, General Beauregard had 20,000 men at the Manassas Junction. When General McDowell started to advance on him, General Johnston and Holmes came to his aid with a combined 15,000 reinforcements.

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The Fighting Starts

General McDowell, decides to flank around the Confederate line on the west side. He starts to push the Confederate soldiers back. They were pushed back to Henry Hill, then General Thomas Jackson brings in his short ranged cannons to fight off incoming Union artillery.
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A Confederate Victory

When the Union cannons arrive, Jackson's artillery attacks the cannons and destroys many of the Union line of cannons. Two more new Union cannons are brought up on the right flank but get captured. The rest of the battle is the Confederate troops trying to take the remaining Union cannons. As the day goes on more Confederate soldiers arrive and the Union retreats.
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Total: Around 5,000

Union: About 3,000

Confederacy: Around 2,000

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