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News and Reminders

  • Feedback Survey - As we strive to be a Visible Learning campus, we are always seeking feedback to learn and grow. Please take a few minutes to complete this Feedback Survey as we prepare to make improvements for the 2019-2020 school year! Thank you :)

  • Field Day (3/8) - We are so excited about our upcoming field day! Please RSVP early if you plan on attending. There will also be an option for an early dismissal for your child using this link - Northampton Field Day Parent RSVP 2019. Field day will be an all day event this year! Students will be eating in their classrooms and resting from 11:00-1:00. We will be a closed campus during the lunch hours only.

  • Field Day Schedules:

9am-11am – All students will be outside rotating through games

11am-1pm – Lunch and rest (Closed Campus - no lunch visitors)

1pm-3pm - All students will be outside rotating through games

  • Dino-Mite Data Night (3/7) - 5:00-7:00 - Join us for a night of DINO-MITE Fun! We will have informational sessions on MAP testing, STAAR, and TELPAS along with our Amazing Book Fair! Feel free to attend either session and visit our Book Fair that will be open from 5-7.

  • Morning Drop Off Reminders: There is a safety concern with morning carpool drop off. Please make sure you are pulling all the way up for students to be dropped off with staff close to the front door. Please do not drop students off by the gym and have them walk by the car drop off.

  • 2019-2020 School Calendar - Here is the link for the 2019-2020 Klein ISD School Calendar

  • Lunch menus: Can be found on this website which is updated monthly.

Upcoming Dates

March 4-7 - 7:30-3:10 - Book Fair Shopping Open

March 5 - 7:15-8:00am - Grandparents & Loved One Book Fair Morning event

March 5 - 4th Grade Field Trip

March 7 - 5:00-7:00 - DINO-MITE Data Night (5:00-5:50 and 6:00-6:50) & Book Shopping

March 7 - Willies Spirit Night

March 8 - 7:30-2:00 - Book Fair Shopping Open

March 8 - Field Day

9am-11am – All students will be outside rotating through games

11am-1pm – All students will be in the building for lunch (at normal times) and rest

1pm-3pm - All students will be outside rotating through games

March 11-15 - Spring Break

March 18-22 - Art Appreciation Week

March 21 - Spring Pictures

March 22 - Horseshoe Helpers

PFO Corner

Hello Colt families!

I want to make a shout out to all our volunteers, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Without you, many of the awesome happenings at Northampton would be hard (if not impossible) to pull off. March is busy, busy so if you are a registered KISD volunteer we need you! We have many different volunteer opportunities coming up so if you are not registered I encourage you to do so. There is nothing like seeing your child’s face light up when they notice someone they love is at the school. If you have any questions about volunteering please email .

Important Dates/Volunteer Opportunities for March :

4th – 8th – Spring Book Fair

7th – Willies Ice House Spirit Night

8th -Field Day, all day and all grades

11th -15th – Spring Break

18th – 22nd – Art Appreciation Week

22nd – Horseshoe Helpers

As you may have noticed our school is looking a little more spiffy lately. Thanks to all of you we have been able to bring a some color into our school! This is so exciting for the staff and students. The murals are almost complete and are looking great! If you haven’t had a chance to check them out I encourage you to take a moment stop by for a look. If you have any questions on where PFO uses you donations take a look at this high level list of items we have been able to provide so far this year.

  • New lower level (K-2) readers
  • Fulfilled 12 different teacher grants directly related to classroom activities – which included flexible seating, Osomo kits, learning games and fun creative supplies.
  • Have the Oscar-Alley Theater group come perform
  • Provide new safety equipment for our safety patrol student
  • Sponsored author Jennifer Torres
  • Created front office, cafeteria and library murals
  • Breakfast for Dad’s and Doughnuts
  • Supplies for Valentine’s Day
  • And many other activities.

When we say we are thankful for your donations, WE ARE! Look at that amazing list! Our Spring fundraiser will be in May so look for more information at a later date. We are kicking up the idea of bringing back the Spring Carnival for the 2019-2020 school year. However, this cannot be done without more volunteers. If you are interested in being part of a carnival committee please email me and I will make sure you are in the loop. This is a large task with LOTS of preplanning and cannot be pulled off without more volunteers.

Thank you again for your continued support on making Northampton great!

Katie Grigg

PFO President

Have you seen how AMAZING Northampton is looking lately?

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State Assessment Dates

Please plan around these dates when scheduling advance appointments.

4/9 - 4th Writing, 5th Math

4/10 - 5th Reading

5/13 - 3-4 Math, 5th Math Retest

5/14 - 3-4 Reading, 5th Reading Retest

5/15 - 5th Science

5/16 - Makeups

Northampton will be a closed campus (including volunteers and lunch visitors) on state testing dates.