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Quick Tips and Tools for implementing CCSS

Differentiated Reading Materials

Wouldn't it be great to have the same article on different reading levels? This concept is the wave of the future as companies strive to accommodate educational consumers, and one of the first to stick their toes in the CCSS waters is NEWSELA. Still in the beta testing stage, this site lets you choose the Lexile level giving you about four choices. It is the same material with the same pictures and content. However, it changes the sentence structure and makes slight changes to the vocabulary. Currently, you sign up for a free account that lets you create classes and access a few other bells and whistles. One drawback is the limited database and topic range. Things in beta testing usually end up in the paid market; so, sign up now.

Short on time? I would be happy to check for you if you give me a little lead time. I am trying to offer this service in our initial CCSS implementation stages so you can concentrate on teaching instead of searching. A word to the wise, Lexile/reading level is only one component of text complexity.


Links to all the resources mentioned in Quick Tips can be found at our SCHS Library homepage. The library link is also located on the SCHS homepage. One major goal this year is to make this a more useful website for teachers and students. Make a habit of stopping by to see the latest additions and, by all means, feel free to make suggestions.

Lora The Librarian

I look forward to supporting your CCSS needs and my library door is always open to those who want the best for SCHS students. Put me on your team and I will work hard to fulfill my role in making all Rebels successful.


***Quick Tips is an informational flyer brought to you periodically by your SCHS librarian. It is intended to bring you useful practical ideas pre-sifted just for SCHS teachers! Let us do some of the sifting, so you can concentrate on the shifting.

August 19, 2013