By Isabel Goodwin


lead·er·ship/ˈlēdərˌSHip/ noun the action of leading a group of people or an organization

What leadership means to me:

To me, leadership is when someone decided to achieve something, and then works towards the goal. Leaders inspire people to keep going, to try to get better.

Anyone can be a leader- they just have to step up to the plate and use their own unique qualities to their advantage.

Does personality affect leadership?

Personality definitely affects leadership! If you're a loud, outgoing person, you may be a stronger leader than someone who is shy and quiet. Many people bring their personality into the style they lead in.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Leadership Types

There 2 main types of leaders. You've got the strict leader, and the democratic leader.

Strict leaders are good for when you have very little time, and need to get things done quickly, or if you're working with a big group, such as band directors. They are working with a big group of kids and need to get the songs learned and mastered within a relatively short period of time.

Strict leaders can get a lot done, but they also can make the followers not want to follow the leader if it is overdone. They need to be strict, but not mean. If you are a strict leader, and this is a very good type of leader to be, be firm, but not mean. You will get a lot done that way!

Then there are the "Democratic Leaders". They are great for small groups when you have a lot of time and want to be creative. They consult the group about many things, allowing many ideas to be heard and considered. Democratic leaders generally make lots of jokes with the group and get to know many everyone.

While being in a group with a democratic leader is great, they tend to get off track and have a bigger chance of not getting things done than the strict leader.

Many people are a mix of the two leader types. Both of them are great! Whichever type you are, use it to get the job done! :D

What did you learn about yourself?

My Leadership Type

I learned that I am a Democratic leader, and definitely an extrovert leader- that means that I will always consult the other people in the group before doing anything for our task, and I will always check up on what they are doing. I like to make decisions as a group instead of as one.

I already knew a lot of this about me, I just didn't realize it. If you know your leadership type, you can take advantage of it to get the job done quicker and with better quality.

How can I grow as a leader?

I am a very lenient person when I am the leader, but that doesn't mean I'm not motivated. I always try to get everyone in on the project/goal, but sometimes it gets off track on my part. To be a better leader I could try to stay on task more, and I can ask the others to remind me if I start falling off track. I may need to have a slightly more strict approach in my group, and we may get even more done this way. I can tend to be serious at some points, and silly at others, and that can affect how much work we do that day.
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Malala Yousafzai

Malala is an amazing leader for her cause. She stands up for girl's education rights in Pakistan. Even though she was hurt because of it, she will still stand up against anyone who tries to deny girls that right. This also proves that leaders dont have to be right next to the group to get things done- Malala is inspiring people all over the world to help education rights. Inspiring people is one of the qualities of a leader, and I really admire Malala for this quality.