Interested in Computer Engineering?

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What is "Computer Engineeing?"

Computer Enginerring is a discipline that combines fields of Electical Engineering and Computer Science in order to develop computer Hardware and Software.

What degree of Education would be Required?

There are a number of different Engineering degrees you may pursue in order to become a Computer Engineer. Some of the most popular include the following,

- Computer Science

- Electrical Engineering

- Computer Systems Engineer

- Computer Programming

- Internet Technology Security

Whats a Typical Starting Salary?

An average Salary for an experiecned Computer Eningeer can range form $70,000-$100,000 per year.

What Hours will I be Working? How much Vacation will I get?

Common hours can range from 6-8 hours depending on you place of employment. Typical staring vaction includes 10 weeks off and 8 sicks days.

Decied to become a Computer Engineer, eh?